Where in the World have I been?

You might be asking yourself what is the future of La MB... Has it ended? No. Its simply in tranformation still and since i have a very demanding day job and most other times am working on music projects like my new LP I have had very little time to make posts. But I'm keen to get some out this weekend for all your ears to hear. I have some exciting tracks coming out, including a few remixes that I'm sure you will all enjoy. So hang in there and spread the word that La MB is about to take off once again to bring you the best from Australia, Canada, Europe & beyond!!!

Much Love


p.s. The page will look a lil crap till i get to fix it... All should be back up by the 17th of Sept.

...stealing back the Ozzies
from London

It might seem a little crazy to talk about IDOL, but one contestant who they happened to find in London has really captured my attention. That girl is Sophie Paterson an Acoustic singer and songwriter who left Australia sometime ago to make it in the UK. Now though much to her surprise she is being shipped home to participate in the '08 Australian Idol process to being crowned the peoples next best thing. Take a listen to her self written track I don't wanna know straight off her myspace page and if you like her then why not get behind this talented chick and VOTE for her to win because she fair from the usual suspects.

DL: Sophie Paterson - I Don't Wanna Know

Ra Ra Running to YOU

Those of you that follow my blog would know that I'm a fan of Australian music and I too am an artist myself know as Son of Vader. Just recently I tried my hand at remixing the Sydney band Amy Meredith's track Running, now it took a while to get out, however this one has been sitting on my hard drive for a while now. It's got nice breaks and a few cowbells so grab it now and tell your friends.

DL: Amy Meredith - Running [Son of Vader RMX]

Hatching Out a New Layout

So I have been a bit slack on the posts lately and well its for a pretty good reason, La Musique Bruit has gone under the knife and has come back with a new layout. It's not completely finished but its very close to it. I hope you like the new transition from black to white. The good news is that the little lamb hasn't completely gone, he is now over on the side bar and we may see another mascot joining him soon. In other news my own music is pushing even more forward and I will have exclusive content this week so stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

Much love.


Addicted to Sparro

I tried, I really did not to like Sam Sparro's Black & Gold but I just couldn't shake it and after a few weeks of envying the Australian talent I gave in and now I'm hooked on the single. It has that something special to it that just grabs your attention and also plays over and over in your head. I blame the intro, its very well done and I hope to work with Sam in the near future. It seems a lot are lining up to get in on the action and with the next single 21st Century Life just being release we are bound to see some big names in the music world pushing the remixes out.

Oh yeah and Sam if your reading this... Let's do a track together!!

DL: Sam Sparro - Black & Gold

Do You Hear The Bells?

...Yes it's the sound of the Howling Bells, an Aussie band now living it up in the UK, and cooking up a new LP as I type and you read. Now I'm a bit slow so you will have to forgive me because the song I'm about to post is almost 2 and half years old now. And that song is Setting Sun a masterpiece that could easily be slotted into a soundtrack to the next big flick. Fronted by the haunting vocals of Juanita Stein she will capture your mind and send it deep into the HB world making you fall in love with this track of indie/rock/pop goodness. I heard it on the radio yesterday and thought it was a new track... Not to worry for me and those who have never heard it before let's just pretend it new.

Oh for a bonus I have also put The Presets remix of another one of their tracks Low Happening, however the guys renamed it when giving it the work over to How Happening.


and one last thing...

Do yourself a favour get their current self-titled EP now, I promise that you wont be disappointed.

DL: Howling Bells - Setting Sun
DL: Howling Bells - How Happening [Presets RMX]

Mash it Bash it

In previous posts I have briefly touched on the subject of my upcoming LP under the name Son of Vader, and now it's time to reveal my 1st single off it. GASH! A track about those misfit celebs and their constant flash of well, their gash. I decided to team up with a good friend of mine, Lady Clam for the track and the chemistry is off the chart. Some would call it a rap track that pushes pop and electro goodness to all sides of the globe. Hope you all like it, and if you do make it viral. If you don't listen to it till you do!

DL: Son of Vader - Gash ft. Lady Clam [ZShare]

DL: Son of Vader - Gash ft. Lady Clam [Acapella]

On The Choo Choo

So while I was away I had a grueling time on the XPT train twice, here is story that followed...


As I sit here on the train to Sydney it gives me a chance to look at some older tracks i may have brushed off over the past 6 months (and attempt to make a super post for the ones i wont get to post whilst I'm on my holiday)... Its mid 2008 and already we have had some pretty big hits and artists emerging out of nowhere. I myself has just released my 1st single off my 2nd LP which is still yet untitled... And that song is GASH which features my very good friend and co-writer Lady Clam formally known as Shell Heaven Lee. The song took a lil over a month to make and is kinda free style rap over some heavy synth and as always some pitch shifting vocals that give it just that little bit more of a edge.

Okay the train has just stopped in Casino.... NO not at a casino the place Casino and I have Venue - Kate pumping in my ears. I wish I could make a phone call but NOPE no network coverage. So back to my itunes TOP 40 most played tracks... And guess what the number 1 track is? Its the Cinematic Orchestra by 7 plays... followed by the Presets - This Boy's In Love. I should give you the whole list just to show you how different my taste in music changes over time. One theme stays obvious though and that is most of it has a synthomelotic (my newly created word ;-p). Take a look.

okay after a long 10 hours on this train i have discovered an old favourite of mine, that is the Phones remix of The Bomb by the uber cool New Young Pony Club... And it was this song that kicked off most of my indie loving future ambitions. I was lucky enough to see NYPC when they came to Australia in January and was highly impressed with the show they put on.

So here is the track that changed me forever

DL: NYPC - The Bomb [Phones Edit]

Since then I guess The Tings Tings have kinda taken over the indie rocking scene, although i must say it a lil more of the pop flavour then the NYPC guys did it. SO i say bring back the Pony Club!!! Before i die on this train. Just kidding i should be okay.

Whoa I just found another club jam... Its begins with NYPC, yet again the pushes into DIM then Larry Tee ft. Princess Superstar the perfect blend of 3 tracks that made clubbing worth the go! You might have heard this one before BUT have you heard it like this??

DL: NYPC - Ice Cream + DIM - Airbus Baby + Larry Tee ft. Princess Superstar Lucky (Work it Out) [Herve Goes Low RMX]


Arhhh!!! I'm back on the train... Had to get up at 6am so I could check out of my hostel. I didnt want to leave at all. Had So much fun meeting people from all around the world and Shell who happened to take me out to some of the funest clubs in the Cross. So i made the train obviously despite the fact that I drunk my ass off last night to go out with bang, the local bar was packed to shitters, so i decided to leave at 11 something I cant remember the actaul time. Anyways back to my "fun" train ride from Sydney to Melbourne, its full of people over 45 and i seem to be the only 20something in 1st class, im begining to think it was a stupid idea to train in this section. Oh well its all free, the main thing is Im listen to Missy's GH catalogue, tacks that would probly make the peeps in this train go nuts haha. When is her new album coming out??

Damn well here is a classic of hers enjoy.

DL: Missy Elliott - Work It

And thats just a fraction of how i spent my boredom on the trains.

Alice In Wonderland

When searching on the net sometimes you find some of the most interesting creations. Just yesterday I stummbled over this one by POGO, an Alice in Wonderland mix. This guy is just amazing in his creations.

DL: Pogo - Alice


I have been given the request to talk about MGMT... who seem to be bigger than McDonalds at the moment. Personally I only like 3 of their tracks Time To Pretend my personal favourite, followed by Kids & Electric Feel . Maybe I need to listen to them more?

Anyway I have found a remix by DMoeFunk, from Portland, that is perfect for the club. Another merely of an older version of Kids & lastly James Rutledge's remix of their current single which pitch shifts the vocals a little higher. I like it.


DL: MGMT - Time To Pretend [DMoeFunk Club Mix]
DL: MGMT - Kids [After School Dance MegaMix from 03]
DL: MGMT - Electric Feel [James Rutledge RMX]

Artwork by Pavlunka

Ghosts of the Black kind

Right now on my ipod is The Black Ghosts self titled debut album effort, and I cant say that I love all the tracks but the ones that standout give me enough pull to keep listening. I definitely think they have so far released some of the best songs off the LP, and with a blend of 80's pop/rock vocals and indie/elektro beats I still recommend it to those who love Justice, Does it offend you yeah? & Grafton Primary. Essential listening tracks include Some Way Through This, Anyway You Choose To Give It, Repetition Kills You, I Want Nothing & Force.

Here is one to get you started....

The Black Ghosts - Force.mp3

Midweek Mini Mixtape:
...6 of the best

6 tracks I now handover to you that I discovered in the past few days that will make a nice little soundtrack to your day or night wherever you are.


1. teenagersintokyo - End It Tonight [mp3]
2. Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries [mp3]
3. Nista - Teenage Dreams [mp3]
4. The Rapture - No Sex For Ben [mp3]
5. Bliss n Eso - Eye Of The Storm [mp3]
6. The Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing [mp3]

Artwork by Ral-Stock

Mercury Mer Mer

You know this one is going to be HUGE, why? Because its freaking Bloc Party and with a crossover into the clubs too they are sure to get a huge fan bass running from all corners to get their hot little hands on this number. & that number is Mercury, the upbeat electro/rocking piece of goodness new single off the yet untitled 3rd LP from the guys which is still in talks about its release. That really doesn't matter at the moment tho. So get in now and upload it to your ipod. Cause this baby will explode!!

Bloc Party - Mercury.mp3

Artwork by LLJB.


With my growing love for Van She & the anticipation of their LP V released on the 9th of August I thought it would be appropriate to talk about their latest single Strangers & the upcoming Van She Party which kicks off this Friday at Empire Hotel in Brisbane. Firstly Strangers has been on repeat on my ipod lately and I'm highly addicted not just to the original version but also the Van She Tech remix. To hear the other remixes by the likes of Yuksek & Strip Steve head to Itunes to buy the whole EP which includes the B-side Black Dot.

Now on to the Van She Party @ Empire this Friday, its going to be HUGE, and I'm not just saying that because I love Van She, I'm saying that because of the line up, check the bottom flyer for the special guests. Also I will be doing a promo for Levity prior to the warm up of the party at the front entry of Empire handing out their latest mixtape. So come say hi and score yourself a free CD! Plenty of fun and pics to be taken so get yourself to the Valley this Friday night. SEE U THERE.

Van She - Strangers [Van She Tech Rework].mp3

No No No Biterz

After loosing out to DMNDAYS in the Miss TK & The Revenge comp for remixing their track No Biterz I thought it would be the perfect time to let you all hear mine. Its a combination of booty & house. Hopefully it gets around the blogging world and up the Hypem charts to maybe even make it into the club, who knows. If you like it be sure to let me (Son of Vader) know.


Miss TK & The Revenge - No Biterz [Son of Vader RMX].mp3

The Thunderheist

This video is so HOT! Oh yeah and so is the track by Thunderheist, a band from Canada who have a sweet as collection of songs that will leave you banging on all fronts. By the way the video is part of a comp to become the official clip for Jerk it, created by the talent team Thatgo so show your support and head over to Thunderheist's official page to make it the real deal for us and the guys.

Thunderfeist - Jerk it.mp3

Is She Really Gone?

Well the world on the street is that M.I.A. has left the building, soon after a show in Bonnaroo announcing that it was her last show...

Do we believe it?


Whilst the truth is revealed enjoy my remix of Buck Done Gun. Oh just so you know, most of my remixes now will be called "Son of Vader" instead of Aluedius mixes cause i liked the ring to it.

M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun [Son of Vader RMX].mp3 [alt link]

Sunday Arvo Session: Coldplay

The hype surrounding Viva la Vida was much to everyone's expectations, bound to be good no matter the content. And not surprisingly it has delivered. Beautiful ballads and guitar pieces to die for, Coldplay has returned to their roots to make a standout LP for 2008. This is must have for anyone's music collection & the perfect soundtrack to let you unwind on a Sunday Arvo.

Coldplay - Viva la Vida [Torrent link]

COLDPLAY - Violet Hill from Asa Mader on Vimeo.

Circa 1996
...Bring back
Captain Planet

When I was a kid I remember one of my all time favourite cartoons was Captain Planet. Now more than 10 years on I want a live action movie or something like it just to re-live those memories of running around the yard pretending to be a planeteer. So with that in mind I want to do a random post about some of my favourite tracks from back in '96 (When CP was canceled) and are still to this very day songs i never get sick of. & yes there are some songs on here I probably shouldn't admit to liking, but I don't mind. I guess you get more of an insight as to who I am.

Joan Osbourne - One of Us.mp3

Spice Girls - Wannabe.mp3
No Doubt - Just a Girl.mp3
Robert Miles - Children.mp3

Apparat: Walls

If your in for a sound scape for your ears I suggest you get this album now from the German genius Apparat. Walls is an LP that is consist ant from start to finish and takes you on a journey like no other. He really has created a masterpiece here with electronics, glitchty ambients & pure guitar bliss. Apparat has also done remixes for Boys Noize and been remixed by the guys too. Even if you don't listen to the whole album I strongly just suggest that you listen to the tracks Arcadia, Holdon & Fractales Pt 1.

Apparat - Arcadia.mp3
[alt link]

Apparat - Walls [torrent link]

the Teenagers
the Met

Last night i was lucky enough to see the Teeangers gig at the Met last night. Shit it was sooo good. Highlights being the time I spotted the guys outside before they played, then when I bumped into Quentin inside by himself and he told me we should have a pic together and of course when the crowd all got up on stage and took over. The guys put on such a good show and I'm keen to see them again soon. Be sure to grab a copy of their lastest LP Reality Check, which is some of the best indie rock out.

Mcleod Loves Horses
...Those of the White Kind

So you all know how much I love Ozzie talent, and my love Sarah McLeod is a prime example of that. She is just putting the finishing touches to her next LP, yet untitled, and I couldn't be more excited. The lead single White Horse is already working its way around the blogging world and is set to be a hit in the clubs here and abroad. Personally I enjoy the Bass Kleph remix most with its dirty bass and hypnotic vocals. Can it be any better than this?? Nice job Sarah & MR. BK.

REMIX Phokus

This one is on constant repeat of late ever since I purchased the new album by Ladytron... well its not just the original its the remixes too. The Toxic Avenger RMX pulls us to the dance floor with the killer instrumental in the mid section. Then there is the Modwheelmood RMX which draws on a reflective note and could be used quick effectively in TV show. There are more available on the single release so be on the lookout for them too. Oh and of course there is the original which i must say is a masterpiece. I'm looking forward to seeing Ladytron when they play in my city on the 1st of October at the Tivoli. I can't wait. Until then I'm going to keep playing their latest LP Velocifero, which i suggest you buy now if you haven't already.


Ladytron - Ghosts [Toxic Avenger RMX].mp3

Ladytron - Ghosts [Modwheelmood RMX].mp3

Spazz if U Want 2

Just over a week now till N.E.R.D. drop album No.3 Seeing Sounds, and so far I have been hooked on the opening single, Everyone Nose (with the controversial video of chicks doing crazy things). Now it's time to introduce single 2, Spazz, a fusion of drum&bass, a hypnotic guitar riff and plenty of rapping goodness. I think this LP is set to be huge, even though I have enjoyed previous efforts by the boys I think now is the time for the rest of the world to take notice and hopefully they will this time round.

So Spazz if U want 2!!!

N.E.R.D. - Spazz.mp3

Sunday Arvo Session
Inpetto does

Hope your weekend has been one to remember... So to help you calm down and get back in the motions for another week I have hunted down the Inpetto remixes they have made of late to bring a breathe of fresh air to some old classics and turned them into house anthems for today. The 1st is Toca's Miracle by Fragma, a club smash worldwide in the past, and is once again in the top of the club charts crushing competition, crazy i know after all these year. Next is Children by Robert Miles, one of those songs I will never forget as the piano takes you away to another place. I could see myself dancing away at a festival to these songs no sweat, well maybe if it was a little hot. LOL.


Where the heck has she gone? Kelis has some of the best in your face tracks out on the commercial market. However I reckon she leans more towards the indie kids. Just recently her label release a greatest hit CD, but its still the beginning. According to Wikipedia she is in the process of working on her 5th LP, an indie/dance themed effort yet untitled with Cee-Lo Green & Calvin Harris. This year Australian Big Brother has used one of her tracks for its promotion, I don't think so! It's a perfect number off her last LP, Kelis Was Here, with a rock attitude and a FCK U theme. I would call it one of those songs that can get stuck in your head for a very long time...

In other news I have had this Kelis RMX of Milkshake on my hard drive for some time now (about a year maybe) so I thought it might be the right time for the world to hear it. It's a short edit as I never really finished it off, but i hope you all like.

Kelis - I don't think so.mp3
Kelis - Milkshake [Aluedius Quik RMX].mp3

For More news on Keils head to UlimateKelis.com


After seeing miss Uffie at the start of the year I kinda grew more on an interest in the Ed Banger singer. Many are divided as to whether she deserves all the credit she is given. I think yes. I mean despite the rumours she is talented, and makes a crowd standup. SebastiAn even chopped her up to make a killer RMX of Pop The Glock, which is hardly recognisable as always. Now with the release of Robot Oeuf, we are sent into the future sounds of POP music, a hard bass, and slapping drums back by a cute cut up vocalist.

Uffie - Robot Oeuf.mp3
Uffie - Pop The Glock [SebastiAn RMX].mp3

Mondayitis Cure:
Sample Flavours

It's countdown time till Alanis Morissette is set to release her 7th LP, Flavours of Entanglement internationally on the 2nd of June. This time Ms. Morissette has hooked up with one of my favourite and most influential music producers Guy Sigsworth who worked with Imogen Heap when they teamed up to make Frou Frou. Now I haven't heard the album in full yet as most traces of it have been removed from the leaking internet pages by obviously the masterminds at her record label that hunt down leaks. However a few songs are floating around & I'm quite surprised by the direction she has taken, with elektro synths, heavy percussion beats & deep guitar/piano driven melodies. It's a new flavour, and im loving it. But could this mean that new Alanis fans may merge and older ones diminished as she moves into indie territories? My standouts so far are of course Underneath (which is standard Alanis) & Moratorium (which pushes the AM movement into new highest). So when June 2nd comes I will be rushing to get this new album of excitement, let's hope the world embraces this new Flavour with open arms.

TVP: ThomasVonParty

Some like it mellow, some like it hard, I like it Von Party. Thomas Von Party to be precise, the younger bro of Tiga who can spin out a flipping great set. Your ears are in for a treat with the Edit he does of the D.I.M. remix of Disco Sirens by Midfield General. It's Turbo Recordings at their best, very dirty indeed. TVP also has podcasts over at Sid Loves Turbo, so go check them out.

Mindfield General - Disco Sirens [D.I.M. RMX Von Party No Vox Edit].mp3

Solange has Decided

How can I describe the talented Solange? Ms. Knowles is a sexy, voice with so much energy that you just can't ignore. At just 21 she has written pop songs and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business, releasing her 1st LP back in 03. Now 08 Solange is releasing album 2 on August 26 titled Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams with a different flavour of soul and jazz, think Amy Winehouse with a higher pitch and not on crack.

The 1st single off SATHSD is a Pharrell Williams penned/produced track called I Decided, also remixed by Freemasons, this track could of easily been released back in Bandstand time. This is not the last we will hear about Solange...so Check it out.

Solange - I Decide [Freemasons RMX].mp3

Save Music From Extinction

Imagine a world without Music.... now read on how this could happen... This post is simply here to remind you that if you don't support the talented musicians and artists that bring you the music to your ears, then you will most likely not have it to listen to in the near future (refer to the video on Music In Tune). Most artists these days barely scrap in the dollars to survive. Their not in it for the money, their there to give you the songs you all so love and enjoy. SO much time is spent making a track, which is why it's really important that you consider this when you download a track and don't bother to buy the CD/Legally download it later. As an Australian our music industry is a lot smaller, so I urge you all to support the Aussies so they can keep making the music.

Thanks for your support. & Save Music From Extinction.


AM: Amy Meredith

I love finding a Aussie band who sound better than most others on offer, and that's just what we have here with Amy Meredith. AM sound like they are from the UK indie scene, and are dressed/styled to impress. But guess what they aren't!!! THEY ARE ALL AUSTRALIAN!!! & i Love them to bits. Take This War for example, it a soundscape that takes you away possibly to a concert scene with you standing right at the front trying to touch the band. Well thats what i felt anyway. LOL. Black Eyes channels a circa 2003 post The Killers sound, but with a better attitude of course. This band has much to offer and I'm looking forward to a LP soon, and when it hits La MB will be right on its tail. Until then enjoy their MP3 give away of This War or if your in Australia head to one of their shows. I know I want to on the 3rd of June.

Amy Meredith - This War.mp3

Sunday Arvo Shuffle:
Do you want to read this?

That's what the lady in the sit across from myself attacked upon me as I listened to Crystal Castles, Xxzxcuzx Me. I can't believe she thought my music was too loud. Well maybe it was a little. Anyway I took one of my earphones out and replied, "Nah, that's okay." then quickly shot back, "If you wanted me to turn it down then you could of just asked." Clearly the lady just wanted to make a scene and doesn't appreciate CC or any great music for that matter. So here is my itunes on shuffle for 5 track which i plan to play real LOUD next time so she can her it.


Crystal Castles - Xxzcuzx Me.mp3
Cut Copy - Nobody Lost, Nobody Found.mp3
Natalie Imbruglia - Torn.mp3
t.A.T.u. - Show Me Love [Radio Version].mp3
Simian Mobile Disco - Tits & Acid.mp3

*PLEASE NOTE* it wasnt a mature lady who complained about my music. I love the older generation. So the pic isn't trying to advertise this. its merely just for shits and giggles.

Krafty Kuts Mini MIX

A stumbled across this one on someone's Myspace page, by the masters Krafty Kuts. With a fusion of some of the best RnB and Hip Hop & DnB we have a MINI MIX. Have a listen get your dance on. Also check out the mash of the classic Bittersweat Symphony.

Krafty Kuts - Annie Mac Mini Mix.mp3

We Just Struck a GOLDmine!

Most of you by now would have heard of the talented Santogold from Brooklyn, NY with a voice like M.I.A. mixed with Aretha Franklin this is one chick who is set to be a household name. Now with a LP under her belt Santogold, (or Santi White as she is formally called) is set to take over the world with lead single L.E.S. Artistes which I have spoken about previously on my podcast. This album is on fire covering all kinds of the music spectrum, such as indie rock, new wave, electro beats and funked out tracks that make me want to jive. There are too many standout tracks on this one so I'll let you be the judge. But I will leave you with my favourite track at the moment, which is track 2, You'll Find A Way. This is one goldmine to tell your friends about, so get on board the wagon now!!

Santogold - You'll Find A Way.mp3

P.S. Head to RCRD LBL to get the exclusive track Your Voice not featured on her LP.

One Shoe Fits All

A guilty pleasure of mine at the moment is The Shoes, a French band cooking up a storm of hard hitting Electro/Indie/Rock & POP (according to them). My standout track is America. The guys also remix a dozen & more other artists and are doin a freaking awesome job at it. So check em out and get into these shoes, cause you may never want to take them off.

The Shoes - Knock Out.mp3

TPC: In an Elephant Shell

Maybe I'm slow, but i have just discovered how great Tokyo Police Club are. I must be stupid. It's great too that they come from Canada. Love it. With their garage sounds you cant go wrong, its raw overload and I'm goin to be in love forever. They just released their LP Elephant Shell and if your into the Indie Rock sound this is for sure the CD for you. At the moment I'm really digging the RAC remix of Be Good check it out now.

Tokyo Police Club - Be Good [RAC RMX].mp3

REMIX Phokus
...Utah Saints:SG

Its been on blogs for a while now... So I thought it would be my turn to talk about the recycled track by the Utah Saints, Something Good 08 . Why is it so good? Because A. "It stands out with its 90's classic sounds of the piano & vocals" & B. "Van She Tech & Bart B More have worked their magic to give us 2 freaking awesome remixs of it." For more remixes head to TheSexyResults spill on UT SG review.

Oh yeah and the film clip is NUTs, you won't forget it anytime soon. Or you will most likely be telling someone about it after you see it. Check it out.

Utah Saints - Something Good [Van She Tech RMX].mp3
Utah Saints - Something Good [Bart B More RMX].mp3

Could this be Bad...?
MJ is slowly coming back!!

I don't know about you but I'm getting over excited about all the Michael Jackson tunes floating back, HATE the Beat It (Fall Out Boy & John Mayer attemping a) cover tho!!! Which makes me think that MR. MJ will be returning with a new album sometimes this year. It will be make or break for sure. So while we wait for the explosions of the new tunes... let's get down and dirty with the Mowgli remix of BAD. SHIT! this remix is so good. If you know of any other great remixes of MJ songs, be sure to pass em on.


Michael Jackson - Bad [Mowgli is Bad RMX].mp3

p.s. thanks to palm out sounds for the MP3


Another French guy on the Boys Noize Label, Brodinski who is cooking up some mighty fine RMXs mostly collabs with others from the same genre as himself. Club/Afro-beat/Disco House is what he describes his style as, and I don't doubt it at all, with banging Kick drums and super synths... This is one artists to lock into the playlist for a pre-night out soundtrack. And if you ever just want a full set down by BDS then head to his blog SmokeMashine for downloadable podcasts which wont disappoint.

Brodinski - Bad Runner [Crookers RMX].mp3
Brodinski - Bad Runner [Radioclit Techno Jihad RMX].mp3
Adam Sky - Ape-X [Brodinski RMX].mp3
The Shoes - America [Brodinski RMX].mp3

REMIX Phokus
...CC:Courtship Dating

Since getting Crystal Castles self titled debut LP I have pretty much just gone crazy for the band snapping up all things relating to them and consuming all forms of medium attached with their name. Which brought this remix to my attention by J-La, a DJ from NYC, Brooklyn who is banging out some heavy remixes of late. A hard kick, plently of synths and bleeps and a constant bassline = HOT REMIX!!

Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating [J-La Bootleg].mp3

Mr. French F.F.

fredze fred is choppin up beats and giving my ears a workout (or should I say thrashing) of late. Just who is he? Well he is a little Filthy French man making some of the best Psychedelic /Club tunes around that will make you bleed till you can't dance no more. It reminds me of SebastiAn for some reason, maybe all the breaks??? So get over to his myspace and check the remix library he has got going for himself!!! Last Yr he pumped out a remix for another French act SaraZvati. Get your ears ready...

SaraZvati - Shall We Enter [Fredze Fred RMX]unmastered.mp3

Indie From Down Under
...Cassette Kids

Once again another HOT aussie band has found its way to my ears! WHO are they? Well they are the Cassette Kids, from Sydney. A good looking 4some who bring all the best in indie rock to our ears. & For all those who live in Australia, you are in for a treat when they support the Presets in their tour this June. WOOO. Thats mean i will be seein the kids on the 14th.

CK bursted onto the scene when they scored the winning position to preform at Big Dat Out and have toured every nook and cranny since then. So they should be set to release a nice Phat LP real soon. To keep you on the same bang wagon, check out Acrobat below.

Cassette Kids - Acrobat.mp3

Sam @ MONO

One of my favourite Djs is playing @ MONO again. It's the talented Sam La More, who has kicked out some pretty mean remixes of late, most memorable are the 2 tracks off Pnau's lastest CD. Using bleeps & synths to get the crowd goin Sam is definitely a crowd pleaser and I suggest you get your ass their if you a big fan. It's also my 21st party that night, SO i may just be around. I'm having it at Birdee Num Nums from 8.30pm mainly cause its cheaper to drink there and it suits a broader audience. But im not sure if i can survive a whole night without a bit of electro...

Pnua - Baby [Sam La More RMX].mp3

Just Drill Drill & Mash

It's happened again, when i ventured out to Fluffy on Sunday I heard a freaking awesome remix of Fergie's London Bridge. However when i got on the net to search for it, I discovered it was not a remix but a mashUP. WOOO. haha. SO anyway its a mash of London Bridge & The Drill. The funny thing is the file says its a remix, but its clearly a mash. So I have included the original track below so you could do the comparison. In a nut shell it's a damn hard mash & great sound to dance to if you'd ask me. Let me know what do you think??

Fergie - London Bridge [Drill Mash].mp3
The Drill - The Drill.mp3

Foals: >> Electric Bloom

Im pretty disapointed that the Foals are running a Remix Comp only open to UK residents for their song Electric Bloom. I think I might cry.... NAH... NEVERmind, I still got the acapella so im working on a remix of mine own anyway. In my search i found some remixes that might win the comp tho. They have been passed around the blogging world a bit so far but here they are anyway. Both of this 2 tracks would be easily slotted into a clubbing playlist somewhere.

Foals - Electric Bloom.mp3

Foals - Electric Bloom [Ben Bakewell RMX].mp3
Foals - Electric Bloom [Grayskulls RMX].mp3

Mondayitis Cure:
...Goldfrappen Happiness

Last weekend was insane, Electrik Kiss was off the hook, will post some crazy pics this week... BUT...Now its time to get back to reality, I found the best song to put me back on the straight and narrow. It's the Metronomy remix of Goldfrapp's next single Happiness, (available April 14) which features the Teenagers putting in their ten cents worth on duet kinda vocals. Now I know some of you already have this remix cause its on high rotation around the blog world, so I thought it would be my turn. WHY? cause its a damn cool remix/song for Mondayitis Cure too. So get out the asprin and let your mind escape with HAPPINESS!!!

Goldfrapp - Happiness [Metronomy RMX feat. The Teenagers].mp3

Kate M0$$ is F-ing H0t!!

Just got this email from Venue, a 3 piece band from California who have a sound that really sticks. With an 80's sounding influence and co-ed vocals I could see myself falling deeep deep in love with this band. Nothing excites me more than a band with a chick, or a girl band with a guy. Just looks cool. My brothers band has a chick drummer and it gives them that little bit more of an edge. Anyway back to Venue, who sent me their lastest offering Kate, which screams the lyrics 'Kate M0$$ is fuckin' HOt!!' haha nice work guys. Its a very electric track that will get your head banging and your boots tripping. Also they sent me a nice remix to compliment the track. Have a listen & Tell me what u think...

Venue - Kate.mp3
Venue - Kate [Pairie Cartel's Hate Kate 88 Mix].mp3