Mondayitis Cure: Last Day Of 2007

THIS IS IT!... This is the last post for 07. I guess this post should be rather be about the songs to help you get through the parties for the NY, but I bet all the other blogs are doing that, so I'm going keep Monday Mellow cause I bet some of you partied last night anyway?? So here are a two of my favourite chillout tunes from 07. Both of these are covers... See you in 2008.

Keane - Early Winter.mp3
Elbow - Teardrop.mp3

My 07/08

As 2007 comes to a close I would just like to say a big thank-you to those who have supported and helped push me further than ever before. My biggest achievements being a runner up in the Triple J Remix comp for Bloc Party & also the kicking of this blog. At this time I have entered 3 more Remix comps and am yet to hear of my placing. 2008 could me another score or quiet possibly a nice partnership. I'm closer than ever to finishing my second LP "Yet to be titled", however I have completed my 1st Remix Compo titled, "Traces of Me".

Get some of the tracks here:
Aluedius Remixes....
New Young Pony Club - The Bomb [Aluedius Re-Edit Rmx].mp3
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough [2008 ALUED Rmx].mp3

And a taste of my original works:
Aluedius - Party Robot.mp3

P.s. Let 2008 be the Year to Tell ya friends about this blog...

Pre-Club Saturdays Mixtape 2

Another Saturday... Another need for more music to help boost the nights beginings....

Ladytron - Discotraxxxx [Poligono Rmx].mp3
Dusty Kid - The Cat.mp3
Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul [Crookers Crunk RMX].mp3
Donovan - Yo!.mp3
Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows [Ajax Rmx].mp3

Friday Flashback

Back in the day.... There was Danish Duo S.O.A.P. The band consisted of Heidi and Line Sørensen and sung the hits This Is How We Party & Ladidi Ladida. To date TISWP is still one of my favourite songs of all time, freakest but true. Anyways Set your mind back and PARTYYY......

S.O.A.P. - This Is How We Party.mp3
S.O.A.P. - This Is How We Party [Almighty Mighty Rmx].mp3


Love... This track!!! Its SO addictive, & I can't believe I didn't know about it sooner. Lucky I heard it twice over the past few times of heading to the clubs by Christoper Robin who spun it at the appropriate time on their DJ sets @ The Empire then later on @ Monastery. The Actual track which features the lyrics "Every time, Every day, Anyway ACID" is called The Cat... I know I was confused too. It took me a few hours to hunt this gem down, but I'm so happy I did. Its made by Dusty Kid from Italy. Those Euro's sure now how to produce great party tracks. The addiction arises more so when the high pitched synths peak up and down. This is one trip to have.

Dusty Kid - The Cat.mp3


Thanks to my loyal readers and friends from all over the globe... Hope you are having a safe and fun Christmas.


oh yeah and the post wouldn't be completed without a MP3 so here it is...

Benni Benassi - Last Christmas [X-tended Mix].mp3


Yep, my fellow Aussies, Faker are back with a NEW LP Be The Twilight, which to be honest is quite impressive. The Single of the moment is This Heart Attack and with Remixes by Teenager & Miami Horror you can't miss out. But i would have to say that I dig the Grafton Primary remix most. Tell me what you think....

Faker - This Heart Attack [Grafton Primary RMX].mp3

Faker - This Heart Attack [Teenager RMX].mp3

Sunday Arvo Session: The Gossip

Recently The Gossip headed down under to treat us fans, So to celebrate they released a Remix CD of their 3 singles off Standing In The Way Of Control LP. Here are just 2 of the tracks which can be found when you purchase this Golden Compo.

The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control [Soulwax RMX].mp3
The Gossip - Listen Up! [MSTRKRFT RMX].mp3


W0tEvR Wednesdays:
Paper Planes without Guns

Its the talk at the moment... MTV cuts the Gun shots out of M.I.A.'s Paper Planes Video when airing. Why you say? Cause they are freaking babies who think it might cause yet another school shooting I bet. Anyway I think the song deserves praise. Its banging OK with me. What do you think? M.I.A. needs you help to stop the sabotage, here what she has to say in her blog.

M.I.A. - Paper Planes.mp3

& the UNEDITED video

The Ms. Róisín Murphy

Have you heard of Róisín Murphy yet? Okay, let me do the honours... She used to be apart of Moloko & after they split decided to stay afloat and release her own stuff solo back in '05. Now 2 years on Róisín has returned with a much deeper LP, Overpowered. Also being the name of the 1st track off Overpowered, the album brings all good things electro together (Think Robyn) with a hint of jazz & plenty of Disco. My standouts would have to be Overpowered, You know me better, & Pandora. Take a look at the cool clip below too. Visual arts is the key.

ps. Thanks Tristan over SexyResult for highlighting this chick out to me. If you head there you will find more REMIXes of Overpowered.

Róisín Murphy - Overpowered.mp3
Róisín Murphy - Overpowered [Herve & Roisin in the Secret Garden Remix].mp3

Mondayitis Cure: Christmas ONLY 8 sleeps to go...

As it draws even closer I thought it was time to do my one and only post about Christmas by searching HIGH and LOW for some different takes on Xmas songs by our guys/gals who have made us dance all year. SO here are 8 treasures to help you get to sleep each night until the day arrives...

The Knife - Christmas Reindeer.mp3
The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End).mp3
The Kinks - Father Christmas.mp3
The White Stripes - Candy Cane Children.mp3
Fiona Apple - Frosty The Snowman.mp3
Coldplay - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp3
Feist - Lo How A Rose Ere Blooming.mp3
The Polyphonic Spree - Carol Of The Bells.mp3

...and this is my all time favourite, which is and old classic, heard in 100's of movies.
The Drifters - White Christmas.mp3

Sunday Arvo Session: Bleeps

Well I mean it, this arvo's Session is about the Bleeps, WHY??? Cause I found this band called STEED LORD thats the heck why. And they have a very cool Bleepy sound, think old NES games & and sounds of the bombs. Yep you've got it in the bag now. By the way, this Guys + one gal are from the little Iceland.

Steed Lord - Feel The Heat.mp3
Steed Lord - Bucket of Blood (feat. Krummi).mp3


This post has 2 purposes, 1 being the apology to you readers who I have confused. Thanks to a fellow reader who corrected me. You see Vandalism is NOT... VNDLSM. LOL. I know crazy, I should have researched further. Have now. HAHA. SO just who are VNDLSM, well there are a duo of 2 guys from Toronto. ANd boy are they HOT!!! Head to their myspace pagge if you already haven't & have a listen to them...

ps. Sorry for the confusion once again.


The Hottest Chick in France is won hands down by the cute YELLE, born Julie Budet in '83 this chick knows how to put on a good show & I got the pleasure of seeing her when she preformed at the Parklife Festival in Australia '07. Her voice is perfect for all forms of electro & is remixed to death, but still No hate can be found. I myself am taking part in the Ce Jeu remix Comp right this moment and hope I get her attention. So to celebrate Yelle'ness I thought I would post some remixes that are floating around the blogging world.


Yelle - Tristesse / Joie [Rolf Honey Rmx].mp3
Yelle -
A Cause des Garçons [Drixxxe RMX].mp3
Yelle - A Cause des Garçons [Riot In Belgium Rmx].mp3

WotEvR Wednesdayz: VNDLSM

Vandalism are just popping up everywhere with a new remix and surprising the crap out of me too. Just a little while ago the Melbourne guys were just releasing singles and had pretty good success with Never Say Never. Then suddenly out of the blue Vandalism mad some kick ass remixes worth a spin. SO have a listen to some of these goldies.

3rd face - Canto Della Liberta [Vandalism RMX].mp3
Yves Larock - Rise Up (Vandalism RMX).mp3


What can I say... YES I'm hooked on System! Seal's new LP. From the Moment i heard Amazing the 1st Single off System, I had a feeling it was going to be a great album. Having been co-produced my Stuart Price, the guy responsible for the work on Madonna's Confessions LP, I'm sure System is going to take off and be a sure fire winner Internationally. Seal has really recaptured his elements and focused them all here!! The dance is present & the vocals are stunning!! Grap your copy off itunes now, just so you can get those bonus remixes.

Seal - Amazing [Thin White Duke Main Mix].mp3
Seal - Amazing [Kaskade RMX].mp3

Mondayitis Cure: LOTO

Once again, I'm finding myself blogging about the Portuguese guys Loto, for more than one reason. One being the fact that their tunes are so damn good on the ears!! & 2 because I'm hoping to do remix of one of their tracks. Which should be nice. I particularly love the track Golden Boys where their vocals get a nice work over, and sound a lil like the Evermore boys from New Zealand. So I urge you once again, NO I force you to get out there and get their LP Beat Riot NOW!!!!

In the mean time here is a taste of what you should have in your Music Library.

Loto - Back to Discos.mp3

Sunday Arvo Session:
Junior Boys

If your like me... Nothing completes a Sunday Arvo more then when your relaxing at home with some chilled out Electro goodness. Junior Boys cover this area very nicely with their fat bass lines, airy synths and floating vox. Don't GO to sleep on me!!! Hahaha. Before the days out I want you to have a listen to In The Morning, which has been out for some time, picked straight off their 2006 EP. ITM pushes all the boundaries of what an Electro/Pop band should be, which is why I have only ever heard these guys on Triple J, duh!!! Anyway to give you a quick snapshot of the JB, they are a male duo from Canada creating hype all over the Indie/Dance/Electro scene and have struggled over the years to get to where they are now. So support 'em and have dance away to this NOW!

p.s. Thanks to & Hipster Runoff for the Mp3s

Junior Boys - In The Morning.mp3

Junior Boys - Birthday.mp3

Pre-Club Saturdays MixTape1

Lets get this Saturday pumping... Below are a selection of some of the tunes that have been pushing me through the week and now its time to let loose and fire up those speaks with these tracks.

Hearts Revolution - C.Y.O.A.mp3
CSS - Let's Make Love [Simian Mobile Disco RMX].mp3
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler [Armand Van Helden RMX].mp3
Loto - Back to disco [CHEWY CHOCOLATE COOKIES RMX].mp3
The Presets - Down Down Down [Midnight Juggernaughts RMX].mp3
Seal - Amazing [Kaskade RMX].mp3
Robyn - Cobastyle.mp3


Friday Flashback: Josh+Amiel=Puretone

A lil while ago... circa 1998 a guy named Josh Abrahams nabbed a chick, Amiel Daemion teaming up to make the underground hit Totally Addicted To Bass. Now jump forward a few more years and you have JA re-releasing the track under a new name Puretone for distribution in the UK & USA . Then before you know it the duo scored the number 2 spot in the UK & a number 1 in the USA Dance/Club charts. So where are the 2 now? Well Josh soon after released another single, but with less success. Then helped pave Amiel's debut solo album, Audio Out which only celebrated lukewarm success to the mainstream market. Later Amiel returned to the scene in 2006 with a new EP Be Your Girl, with remixes by Bass Kleph.

Josh Abrahams - Totally Addicted To Bass.mp3

CCC bake a LOTO treat

Let today be the day you discover one of the best Remixers around! Hailing from the UK its Chewy Chocolate Cookies. Now its thanks to them that i bring you this post today. They replied to an email i sent them regarding blogging about their music and after checking my email this morning I was happy to find a new remix from them awaiting blogging life! In the past CCC have remixed Justice, Robyn, Simian Mobile Disco & others more. But today the focus is on LOTO reign from Portugal and according to the CCC guys these fellas are HUGE in there native land. Their LP Beat Riot captures all things Indie/Rock/Electro & a lil POP! CCC have done over one of the tracks Back TO Disco to push once again music to another level. With a nice buildup that will have you exploding round the 1 minute mark, you really cant afford to miss this one. Electro/Rock GOODNESS all in one cookie.


p.s. big thanks to the CCC guys


Mondayitis Cure: Ivy

Whoa!!! What a weekend!! I got sooo drunk last night. Was a good one tho. Had a lot of sleep so I'm happy. But I still need to get my act together cause I got work in 2 hours YIKES!!! hehe. Anyway to get us all through the drag of Monday I've shifted the spotlight to IVY, the NYC band with memorable hooks and riffs. Most notably is the fact that half a dozen of their tracks have been featured in big time movies like Shallow Hal & tv shows like Roswell (ARHHH miss that show), Veronica Mars, the 4400, Grey's Anatomy, just to name a few.

Ivy - Edge of the Ocean.mp3
Ivy - Worry About You.mp3

Another Sunday Arvo Session Mashup

OK... I couldn't just sit back and let Tristan post his Mashup, so I had to work on mine and get it up here too. Now mine is a little bit older but I have tried to create a tune that is deep, bouncy and always electro... Combining most of The Cardigans Lovefool vox with Holes famous guitar riff from Celebrity Skin... tell me what you think!!

The Cardigans Vs Hole - Lovefool Skin[Aluedius RMX].mp3

Sunday Arvo Session Mashup

How is everyone's weekend goin? Mine has gone ok. Could have been better, but at least I have got to post all weekend. Hope you all partied like it was 1999? Anyways, My buddy, Tristan over @ The Sexy Result has put together a smashing mix of Armand Van Helden's I Want Your Soul mashed with Justice's DVNO. Now personally I think its f-ing awesome!! Can you image just goin off at the club to this track, I love the jerkiness of it all. So get the track, then let Tristan know what you think by heading over to his page.

Armand Van Helden Vs. Justice - I Want Your DVNO(Tristan Edit).mp3

Pre-Club Saturdays = Boys Noize

Make your Saturday dirty with German Alexander Ridha from Boys Noize with his track & Down and his Remix of Feist's My Moon My Man. Boys Noize tends to have this very heavy bass with breaky beats that make it a perfect way to start any party.

Boys Noize - & Down.mp3
Feist - My Moon My Man(boys noize rmx).mp3