Get REm!xd
...Ms. Minogue

I can't help but take notice of all the great remixes coming from the tracks off Kylie Minogue's new CD X. For some strange reason she is getting remixed by EVERYONE, well not everyone, but it kinda feels like it. And these remixes are not just good, they are great! Take the In My Arms track reworked by Spitzer. It's So Damn HOT that i want to club, or at least just dance everytime I hear it. Dirty and full of breaks. Thanks Tristian over at SEXY RESULT for making me take notice of these tracks. Another addictive track is the David Guetta Remix of WOW. Very club friendly.

Kylie Minogue - In My Arms [Spitzer Radio Edit].mp3

Kylie Minogue - Wow [David Guetta's Fuck Me I'm Famous Rmx].mp3

Also enjoy some of these remixes that have been floating around for a bit.

Kylie Minogue - I Believe In You [Mylo Rmx].mp3
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head [Soulwax Kyluss Rmx].mp3
Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World [Fischerspooner Rmx].mp3


What happens when you mix veteran rapper with the hottest Euro blonde rapper/singer? You get the maddest tune. Snoop Dogg has re-crafted his Sexual Seduction track from his forthcoming LP Ego Trippin' to make a new take with our favourite chick Robyn to create a masterpiece Sexual Eruption. I can't help to think that it has a kinda Timbaland & Nelly Furtado feel to it. Meh! I like it. Maybe a lil too much...

Sexual Eruption - Snoop Dogg feat. Robyn.mp3


Sorry for the absence, it's been a week of partying here down in OZ because of the Australia Day Celebration. I had a great deal of fun, but I'm wrecked now. So its time to blog again. 1st Up I just want to say that I love Hot Chip's new stuff and I'm excited about the album Made In The Dark coming out this weekend... woooyeah. Ready For The Floor is too addictive not to take notice, especially when Soulwax & Jesse Rose are doing Remixes of the track.

So rush out this weekend and a get the new LP fast.

Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor.mp3
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor [Soulwax Dub].mp3
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor [Jesse Rose Rmx].mp3



Well I didn't win the Hearts Revolution Remix comp for their song Choose Your Own Adventure... I did on the other hand get runner up.... Let me know what you think.

Oh yeah you can, listen and add it to your myspace page by goin to my music page on myspace.


...Thats Right La MB has just passed 3000 HITS wooo hooo! Thanks for your support and I will continue to post all the best in music for your enjoyment.


ps. To celebrate pump this one on your stereo with the 3000 related track by Norway's Binärpilot.

Binärpilot - Tokyomatrix 3000.mp3

Moby: Raining Again
Steve Angello RMXs

Had to post this track... So many memories are attached, especially in the club... Mr. MOBY is set to release his 8th Album this 1st quarter. I will you updated on the progress. Meanwhile take sometime to reflect & also get down to the boogie with the Steve Angello's Remix of Raining Again.

Moby - Raining Again [Steve Angello's Vocal Mix].mp3

Just cause I love Steve A remixes so much I thought I might just drop a couple here that I have been addicted to.


Hard-Fi -Suburban Knights [Angello & Ingrosso Rmx].mp3

Robyn - With Every Heartbeat [Steve Angello Dub].mp3

Operator Please

Okay I'm a big fan of local talent and over the past week Operator Please from the Gold Coast (Only like an hour drive from me) have been poking through the music stack... Thanks to the likes of the great REMIX. Bigstereo last posted the G.L.O.V.E.S remix of Get What You Want, and yep I'm proud to say that they are Australian too and have done a fine job of turning it into a club hit too. Meanwhile Hipster Runoff posted about the Teenagers remix of For my 2 Seconds, both songs taken from their debut album Yes Yes Vindictive, pretty good for a band that has mostly teens in it. GO AUSSIES!!!!

Operator Please - Get What You Want [G.L.O.V.E.S].mp3

Operator Please - For My 2 Seconds [Teenagers Rmx].mp3

Friday Flashback:

If the plane crash never happened back in 2001, this gal would be the Queen of RnB and the world of POP that is now! A product of Missy Elliot and Timbaland, Aaliyah sporned hits that will be remembered forever. Although just at the peak of her career as things were starting to take flight worldwide the beauty was taken from us. So what did she leave us... Well her self-titled album was a start, which I believe was well before its time. Honestly if she released it today, it would still be a top seller. If you can't remember Try Again, then let me refresh your memory, ROMEO MUST DIE???

Anyway the girl's legacy carries on and her songs live forever. AND... it would have been her birthday this week on the 16th. RIP AALIYAH!

Aaliyah - Try Again.mp3
Aaliyah - We Need A Resolution feat. Timbaland.mp3

Flex it Dizzee

Am I getting addicted to Hip Hop? Could this be? Yeah I reckon I am... Meh all good. Dizzee Rascal is worth getting addicted to. Especial when a pumping Dave Spoon RMX is out there too. I reckon it might also be the UK factor. I love the Brit Music scene.... So Get Addicted to FLEX!! NOW!! I love it when you flex like that...

Dizzee Rascal - Flex [Radio Edit].mp3
Dizzee Rascal - Flex [Dave Spoon ReFlex].mp3

All the Uff about

You've heard of her I'm sure. Lil Mis Uffie. Man I had to check her music out again after she came to Oz at the start of this month for Summafieldayze... Now to be honest I didn't watch all of her performance. But I did study her enough to get a few photos and just see who this Uffie gal was. Still I wasn't satisfied. And I'm stil kinda annoyed at how she got to where she is... HOw much work has this girl actually done?? MEH! dont't care anymore. the UFF has some great tunes. To be honest it makes me wanna work harder at my own music and style. I think First Love is a great Tune, which steers away from the rap and more into the post-late-80's-early-90's pop with a twist. Which brings me to a huge Question... Is this the future of Girl-Pop Music? Only copiers/imitations will tell!!

So if you were like me and shunned the Uff last year, Do no more and give the gal a 2nd chance. cause she is .. Ready to UFF...

Uffie - First Love.mp3

7th Tree: LP Preview

Okay so i couldn't wait... I just had to have a listen to one of my most inspiration bands, Goldfrapp's new LP Seventh Tree. Blame all the hype and those damn sister blogs that keep raving on about it. Oh yeah and blame the Frapp themselves, they have been teasing us for SO freaking long now. How was that loop vid on their site? CRAZY i tell ya. Am i mad? In a way yes. I don't on the other hand encourage you to find the album on a file sharing network. But do encourage you to find previews and remixes of the tracks in all areas of the jungle Internet.

From my recent listen I would have to say that obviously A&E is a standout because its been in our heads for at least 2 months now, also others to look out for would be Clowns, Some People & Caravan Girl. I reckon this album will be talked about for ages. Featuring the sounds of the classic keys used in all Frapp albums and those floating synths that blow us away to another world. And that's what they have managed to achieve with Seventh Tree. A sound scape of acoustic-folk 70's and breathy chants that will have you sailing away in no time. It's a standout, mainly because its such a different direction to previous efforts. Still I likey!!

I just want to say this, the A&E clip is very Goldfrapp, down right weird and everything we expect from the duo. Now kick back and enjoy the clip as I did and pray for February 25th to come sooner....

Goldfrapp - A&E.mp3

EVE: Tambourine

Nothing like a tune about a object... Such as the major hit UMBRELLA, so now its time to sing about a Tambourine... Featuring the sounds obviously of tambs thru out. Eve captures all Hip-Hop goodness in this track... Also take a look at the remix that i found whilst on Palm Out Sounds last year, though I didn't hear EVE at all on it.

P.s. I didn't mean to go a R'n'B splurg... was just surfing the bloggin world and found the original of this track and it stuck which is why i blogged.

Eve - Tambourine.mp3

Eve - Tambourine [Risk One Shake That Muthaf#cka Rmx].mp3

Ms. Rowland Solo-isms

Have you ever seen Dreamgirls with Beyonce? ARHHH I think Beyonce is an okay actor... Just made me think about Beyonce in general... When I was in High School I freaking loved that gal. Then Kelly Rowland tried her thing at Solo-ism & I reckon is a heck of a lot better at it than most people give her credit for... Her songs stick for longer and don't die with the rest of the commercial crap out there. BUT that's just my opinion you don't have to agree. So have you heard "Work" her 2nd single of her latest LP Ms. Kelly? Yeah I didn't you would have... If you did tho, take a listen to the Freemasons Remix of it, it incorporates a bouncy Bhangra beat... Club Heaven!!!


Kelly Rowland - Work [Freemasons Radio Edit].mp3


Just finished a 1st take of Garbage's Androgyny & I'm pretty happy, let's just say that it's the type of track I want to be hearing at the club these days... Let me know what you think about it...


Garbage - Androgyny [Aluedius RMX].mp3

Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin have just created some new tunes Vision 2020, The Forest & Always. I'm really digging Vision 2020, which has a similar Happy feel that is present in most Muscle tracks. I just reckon 'us' Aussies are taking over the music scene, SO the rest of the world better look out... CR are a young all male duo from Brisbane, where I reign aswell, and I not long ago blogged bout the boys cause of their awesome sets that i saw in just a week. The Guys are keeping it fresh and current with distorted synths, heavy basslines and rich indie sounds vocals... ARH Gotta love em...

So head over to their myspace page now...

In the meantime dance to this remix they did

Muscles - One Inch Badge [Christopher Robin RMX].mp3

Sunday Arvo Session: Chromeo

Bonafied Lovin maybe a lil old now... But its helping me get through my sunday arvo... Need to get my mind back and who else can help better than the Canadian boys Chromeo... "I'll give you Bonafied Lovin"... Another Favourite of mine is Fancy Footwork, So good, "2-Step, 2-Step".

Enjoy some of the Bonafied Lovin REMIXES.... by the likes of Riot In Belgium + Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin [Riot In Belgium RMX].mp3
Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin [CCC RMX].mp3


I'm taking about the 2 guys we like to call THE Chemical Brothers... Why didn't someone tell me sooner how good We Are The Night is??? I think it could have helped me get through a Sunday just perfectly. Seriously I'm hooked on Saturate, track 4 at the moment. But let me tell you the scary thing, I wouldn't have downloaded this album if it wasn't for me hearing one of the tracks at Electronic Boutique, funnily enough I was just comparing prices of a game I just bought and there it was pumping in the background. I politely asked the cashier as to who the artist was & he was reluctant to tell me, might i add the customer beside me had a smirk, I have NO idea why tho.... 
Anyway back to WATN, I reckon it's a classic, obviously you have all heard the originals and remixes of Do it Again & Salmon Dance, so have a listen to the rest of the LP now and let the good tunes/times roll....

DEclare INdependance

As the 3rd Single of Volta, Declare Independence continues in true Björk stlye by fusing ambient electronic sounds with her raw screaming vocals of punk distortion. Things always get even more interesting with her Video for DI which see her reunite with Michel Gondry. The 2 have already done 6 videos together, clearly cemented Bjork's arty side both on and off the box.

My recommendation is this, have a listen to DI once, then watch the Video, and then have a listen to the remixes. I honestly didn't like the song at 1st, but heck I'm a bjork fan so after the 2nd listen I was hooked.

Get it now on itunes Declare Independence

Ultra Violet MC

This artist discovery came about through a work colleague's daughter, who to my amazement was off the chart. She is only 21 and making tunes that would make M.I.A. jealous... I'm serious! From my 1st listen I was hooked.
Ultra Violet MC has this fusion of rapping over the sounds of all those retro video games we so loved to play as kids, & may still do so now. What's even better is that she is all Aussie and is keen not to hit commercialism anytime soon. UV MC is one of a kind, although some might day she was the sister of Macomantics, Kid Sister or M.I.A. Thankfully she is nice enough to let us download her tunes right off her myspace page.

Next on the list is making a RMX with her. Hopefully she agrees.

Check out the song Starfish

Mondayitis Cure:
Summafieldayze Withdraws

Thats right all, I'm sad to say that it was 2 days ago now that I was busting out to the sounds of Spank Rock, Uffie, Kissy Sellout & New Young Pony Club + others at The Spit for Summafieldayze 2008. Nevermind i have pics that I will hold onto forever, just click here to view them if your on myspace. Otherwise make an account now. NYPC will always be my standout for the event, oh yeah and the mud. SO much fun. To help me wind down I have 2 tunes that got me HIGHer than ever.

New Young Pony Club - The Bomb.mp3
Spank Rock - Bump [Best Fwends Rmx].mp3

thanks to Earwigs & Wax for the Spank Rock MP3

Aloha 2008

Welcome to 2008. There is so much to look forward to. 1st UP in Festival land, I'm hanging out for Summafieldayze on the Gold Coast this Saturday, so be sure to catch my feature post highlighting the artists involved. Other Festivals include Future Music @ the races again, in March, which i missed last year ;-( nevertheless the FMF is back and better than ever with the Chemical Brothers headlining. In other music news, 08 is goin to be the return for some of our favourite artists. Goldfrapp are set to release their mellow LP A&E + Madonna the Queen of POP/DANCE is perhaps/or more than likely goin to smash the charts with her next album. arhhhhh I'm getting more and more exicted. New Tunes to hear, New Artists to be discovered.... What will 2008 bring...?