...stealing back the Ozzies
from London

It might seem a little crazy to talk about IDOL, but one contestant who they happened to find in London has really captured my attention. That girl is Sophie Paterson an Acoustic singer and songwriter who left Australia sometime ago to make it in the UK. Now though much to her surprise she is being shipped home to participate in the '08 Australian Idol process to being crowned the peoples next best thing. Take a listen to her self written track I don't wanna know straight off her myspace page and if you like her then why not get behind this talented chick and VOTE for her to win because she fair from the usual suspects.

DL: Sophie Paterson - I Don't Wanna Know


Niq said...

she's so gorgeous! i'm so gona vote for her! love her voice sooo much i hope she has an album out soon! :)

Son of Vader said...

YES!! she is very talented. Not the typical Idol group this year which makes me so much happier to watch it.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Holland!
Sophie is amazing, she reminds me of the 60's happy, stoned and beautifull singers with their sexy tremblin' voices. Brilliant.
Loved her performance on Idols, a rare diamond in the rough.
Hope she will tour europe!
Where to book her?
EJ The Netherlands.