With my growing love for Van She & the anticipation of their LP V released on the 9th of August I thought it would be appropriate to talk about their latest single Strangers & the upcoming Van She Party which kicks off this Friday at Empire Hotel in Brisbane. Firstly Strangers has been on repeat on my ipod lately and I'm highly addicted not just to the original version but also the Van She Tech remix. To hear the other remixes by the likes of Yuksek & Strip Steve head to Itunes to buy the whole EP which includes the B-side Black Dot.

Now on to the Van She Party @ Empire this Friday, its going to be HUGE, and I'm not just saying that because I love Van She, I'm saying that because of the line up, check the bottom flyer for the special guests. Also I will be doing a promo for Levity prior to the warm up of the party at the front entry of Empire handing out their latest mixtape. So come say hi and score yourself a free CD! Plenty of fun and pics to be taken so get yourself to the Valley this Friday night. SEE U THERE.

Van She - Strangers [Van She Tech Rework].mp3

No No No Biterz

After loosing out to DMNDAYS in the Miss TK & The Revenge comp for remixing their track No Biterz I thought it would be the perfect time to let you all hear mine. Its a combination of booty & house. Hopefully it gets around the blogging world and up the Hypem charts to maybe even make it into the club, who knows. If you like it be sure to let me (Son of Vader) know.


Miss TK & The Revenge - No Biterz [Son of Vader RMX].mp3

The Thunderheist

This video is so HOT! Oh yeah and so is the track by Thunderheist, a band from Canada who have a sweet as collection of songs that will leave you banging on all fronts. By the way the video is part of a comp to become the official clip for Jerk it, created by the talent team Thatgo so show your support and head over to Thunderheist's official page to make it the real deal for us and the guys.

Thunderfeist - Jerk it.mp3

Is She Really Gone?

Well the world on the street is that M.I.A. has left the building, soon after a show in Bonnaroo announcing that it was her last show...

Do we believe it?


Whilst the truth is revealed enjoy my remix of Buck Done Gun. Oh just so you know, most of my remixes now will be called "Son of Vader" instead of Aluedius mixes cause i liked the ring to it.

M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun [Son of Vader RMX].mp3 [alt link]

Sunday Arvo Session: Coldplay

The hype surrounding Viva la Vida was much to everyone's expectations, bound to be good no matter the content. And not surprisingly it has delivered. Beautiful ballads and guitar pieces to die for, Coldplay has returned to their roots to make a standout LP for 2008. This is must have for anyone's music collection & the perfect soundtrack to let you unwind on a Sunday Arvo.

Coldplay - Viva la Vida [Torrent link]

COLDPLAY - Violet Hill from Asa Mader on Vimeo.

Circa 1996
...Bring back
Captain Planet

When I was a kid I remember one of my all time favourite cartoons was Captain Planet. Now more than 10 years on I want a live action movie or something like it just to re-live those memories of running around the yard pretending to be a planeteer. So with that in mind I want to do a random post about some of my favourite tracks from back in '96 (When CP was canceled) and are still to this very day songs i never get sick of. & yes there are some songs on here I probably shouldn't admit to liking, but I don't mind. I guess you get more of an insight as to who I am.

Joan Osbourne - One of Us.mp3

Spice Girls - Wannabe.mp3
No Doubt - Just a Girl.mp3
Robert Miles - Children.mp3

Apparat: Walls

If your in for a sound scape for your ears I suggest you get this album now from the German genius Apparat. Walls is an LP that is consist ant from start to finish and takes you on a journey like no other. He really has created a masterpiece here with electronics, glitchty ambients & pure guitar bliss. Apparat has also done remixes for Boys Noize and been remixed by the guys too. Even if you don't listen to the whole album I strongly just suggest that you listen to the tracks Arcadia, Holdon & Fractales Pt 1.

Apparat - Arcadia.mp3
[alt link]

Apparat - Walls [torrent link]

the Teenagers
the Met

Last night i was lucky enough to see the Teeangers gig at the Met last night. Shit it was sooo good. Highlights being the time I spotted the guys outside before they played, then when I bumped into Quentin inside by himself and he told me we should have a pic together and of course when the crowd all got up on stage and took over. The guys put on such a good show and I'm keen to see them again soon. Be sure to grab a copy of their lastest LP Reality Check, which is some of the best indie rock out.

Mcleod Loves Horses
...Those of the White Kind

So you all know how much I love Ozzie talent, and my love Sarah McLeod is a prime example of that. She is just putting the finishing touches to her next LP, yet untitled, and I couldn't be more excited. The lead single White Horse is already working its way around the blogging world and is set to be a hit in the clubs here and abroad. Personally I enjoy the Bass Kleph remix most with its dirty bass and hypnotic vocals. Can it be any better than this?? Nice job Sarah & MR. BK.

REMIX Phokus

This one is on constant repeat of late ever since I purchased the new album by Ladytron... well its not just the original its the remixes too. The Toxic Avenger RMX pulls us to the dance floor with the killer instrumental in the mid section. Then there is the Modwheelmood RMX which draws on a reflective note and could be used quick effectively in TV show. There are more available on the single release so be on the lookout for them too. Oh and of course there is the original which i must say is a masterpiece. I'm looking forward to seeing Ladytron when they play in my city on the 1st of October at the Tivoli. I can't wait. Until then I'm going to keep playing their latest LP Velocifero, which i suggest you buy now if you haven't already.


Ladytron - Ghosts [Toxic Avenger RMX].mp3

Ladytron - Ghosts [Modwheelmood RMX].mp3

Spazz if U Want 2

Just over a week now till N.E.R.D. drop album No.3 Seeing Sounds, and so far I have been hooked on the opening single, Everyone Nose (with the controversial video of chicks doing crazy things). Now it's time to introduce single 2, Spazz, a fusion of drum&bass, a hypnotic guitar riff and plenty of rapping goodness. I think this LP is set to be huge, even though I have enjoyed previous efforts by the boys I think now is the time for the rest of the world to take notice and hopefully they will this time round.

So Spazz if U want 2!!!

N.E.R.D. - Spazz.mp3

Sunday Arvo Session
Inpetto does

Hope your weekend has been one to remember... So to help you calm down and get back in the motions for another week I have hunted down the Inpetto remixes they have made of late to bring a breathe of fresh air to some old classics and turned them into house anthems for today. The 1st is Toca's Miracle by Fragma, a club smash worldwide in the past, and is once again in the top of the club charts crushing competition, crazy i know after all these year. Next is Children by Robert Miles, one of those songs I will never forget as the piano takes you away to another place. I could see myself dancing away at a festival to these songs no sweat, well maybe if it was a little hot. LOL.