Mash it Bash it

In previous posts I have briefly touched on the subject of my upcoming LP under the name Son of Vader, and now it's time to reveal my 1st single off it. GASH! A track about those misfit celebs and their constant flash of well, their gash. I decided to team up with a good friend of mine, Lady Clam for the track and the chemistry is off the chart. Some would call it a rap track that pushes pop and electro goodness to all sides of the globe. Hope you all like it, and if you do make it viral. If you don't listen to it till you do!

DL: Son of Vader - Gash ft. Lady Clam [ZShare]

DL: Son of Vader - Gash ft. Lady Clam [Acapella]


Richie said...

Son of Vader remixes are ridiculous. The Bucky Done Gone one is my favorite.

Son of Vader said...

haha... thanks man. I don't know if that is compliment or not but hey i take all comments as they come... thanks for the remarks.

How is NY goin??