Friday Flashback = Spiller & Bextor

Back in the day... A before Sophie Ellis Bextor was famous, she did a lil vocal work for Spiller in today's flashback, Groovejet (If This Ain't Love).

Spiller - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love).mp3

Preset's People

I guess it was just a matter of time before I blogged about My People, the new Single from The Presets... as it seems every man and his dog has already done so. Now at 1st when I got this track I was unsure if it was a sure-fire winner. But I had the same reaction with Umbrella. Now I'm just a tad bit addicted to pressing repeat. Luckily this wasn't the case as it just happened to be playing as I listening to the Triple J this morning. Previous to the tracks play a interview with Julian from The Presets, spoke of the new LP which is yet to titled due for release in March 2008, as quoted by Julian himself. In the meantime we can enjoy the dirty driven My People and go nuts in the clubs over summer. So get your Dance ON!!! Oh yeah, found a remix of the track too by Damage On The Backseat.

p.s. GO the Aussies.

The Presets - My People.mp3
The Presets - My People(Damage Edit).mp3

W0tEvR Wednesdayz 2: Kate Havnevik

Well its mid week again. Thank God. Only 2 days till the weekend. So to keep the week flowing I have decided to blog about the Norwegian songstress Kate Havnevik. Some would say she is a copy of Imogen Heap, But i just prefer to call her a strand of the melodic female singers born from the likes of Producer Guy Sigsworth, who worked with both singers in recent times. Kate's standout tracks from her lastest LP Melankton are obviously the ones also featured on Grey's Anatomy, such as Unlike ME & New Day. The thing that draws me to Kate is her use of classic pieces with strong strings creating the heavy emotions and feeling throughout the albums course. The mood also continues through the the flimclips too, as you will see below the video to Unlike Me where the whole time Kate is underwater. Very cool.


Kate Havnevik - Unlike Me.mp3

Kate Havnevik - New Day.mp3

Mondayitis Cure: Ladytron does Tweet

How did you pull up today? Wind down with the Ladytron's cover of Tweet's Oops (Oh My). Its a bit banging.. but a lil head banging does well. Oh yeah thought i might just throw in another track so you can really wind down with the classic '17' by Ladytron aswell.

Ladytron - Oops (OH My).mp3
Ladytron - Seventeen.mp3

Sunday Arvo Tears from a Piano

Well this is a bit off the Electro style of things but I just had to post a blog about the piano Queen Miss Alicia Keys. Her talent is beyond most of those teen-bopping commercial artists and i just wanted to express how great her new LP "As I Am" is. Maybe it's cause I'm feeling a lil emotional right now after seeing THE NOTEBOOK for the 1st time, and yes i cried like a big girl. LOL. So get on Itunes and have a listen to her new LP and also head over to and have a listen to the classic piano pieces from The Notebook Soundtrack.

Later all.


Alicia Keys - As I Am [INTRO].mp3

Polysics Rock Nintendo

Have you ever wondered what nintendo classic songs would sound like if they were fused with new wave rock? Look no further than Polysics! They combined all of that and more with their energetic performances and eye treating videos. check out Electric Surfin Go Go. Loving these Japanese guys & gurls.


Polysics - New Wave Jacket.mp3

Electric Surfin Go Go

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Friday Flashback: Everything but the Girl

Remember Missing by Everything But The Girl? Arhhhhh! And I miss U!!! Love that track. Well enjoy your friday by turning back the time and dancing away to the sounds of this breezy groove number.

Everything But The Girl - Missing [Todd Terry Remix].mp3

W0tEvR Wednesdayz: 1

Welcome to a whole new Wednesday blog, this addiction being called W0tEvR Wednesdayz, where I like to blog about the songs that I'm addicted too, generally outside of the Indie/electro genre. However I still will most likely throw in a dance track or 2.

1st up is the track by Revolte titled Weak Generation, which has a very cool house stop start to it and is a must for all parties. These guys are on the Kitsune Boombox Compo and make a nice addiction with there 80's thriller inspired sound, but be sure to check out there myspace for an insight into their next track, which is much more rock than anything.

Revolte - Weak Generation.mp3

Next is Carpark North, & no matter how many times I listen to this band, i never, i mean NEVER get over them, especially Best Day evidently as its the most played track on my Itunes. CN just let loose with a well blended mix of Rock & Electro and whilst hailing from Denmark, I go weak at the knees for their accents. hehe
Carpark North - Best Day.mp3


ps. Be thanks to all who log on to my blog, thank you for your support. spread the word

He Wears Short Shorts ;-)

It's the best thing that could ever happen. MY favourite club MONASTERY, in my local Brisbane is changing its dress code over summer!!! YES, you can now wear shorts...WOOO... catch is they have to be above the knee... Thats cool. Lovin that! Here's what they have to say.

With this summer expected to be one of Australia’s hottest on record. Here at The Monastery we not going to let the heat kill our parties we offering our NEW dress code for some summer lovin.The rules are pretty simple and the summer love guide will explain to everyone what shorts they can wear when coming to the monastery during these hot summer nights. Being one of the only Nightclubs in the Brisbane Valley to launch this summer dress code make sure you remember where you saw it first.

With the festival season almost upon us now guys don’t have to go home first and get changed come in your shorts and start partying earlier. Giving you girls something more to look at than black skinny leg jeans.

Summer Lovin Kicks off November 29th right though to March 31st
No Shorts Below the knees
Suitable footwear at all times
No Singlets
No Cargos or sportswear

Mondayitis Cure: Axwell

So you know the feeling when you wake up on Monday and realize that the weekend is over and you have to head back to work? Yeah I hate it too, espesically if havent slept enough and partied a lil too hard. So I decided to make it all better by adding a Mondayitis Cure spotlight which will feature an artist, similar to Saturdays just a lil bit more down tempo and chilled to help ease the morning in. 1st Up i decided to pull in Axwell, mainly because of his song It's True. Big thanks to the guys over @ Fluro kids for the Mp3. Axwell seems to have this light but still party fill to most of his tracks which you might remember from his remix of Counting down the days by the Sunfreakz... So where ever u are world, wake up play these tunes and get ready for another week, cause the weekend is closer than you think!!

Axwell & Ingrosso vs. Salem Al-Fakir - It’s True (Original Mix).mp3
Axwell - I found you (remode mix).mp3

Pre-Club Saturdays = Hervé

Well to try something new I wanted to throw out a themed day. And since Saturdays are the biggest for clubbing here in Brisbane, Australia i want to make it a day or should i say night for you all to find tracks from an artist to get your party started and pumping till you hit the dance floor. 1st up is Hervé. A legend who has brought the best remixes to my ears these past few months and have left me addicted to clubbing.


Larry Tee ft Princess Superstar - Licky (Herve Goes Low remix).mp3
New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (Hervé Goes Bananas Remix).mp3
The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (Herve Remix).mp3


If you haven't already heard of the Scanners then let me update you. The Scanners are a indie rock band from the UK who pump out hits likable for the commercial scene aswell as the indie word. They've also been remixed by the Teenagers & LA RIOTS. From the moment you hear LOWLIFE you will be hooked I promise. LOL. Right now the band have just released their next Ep RAW on itunes and with some awesome backup remixes i expect at least one of u to got buy it. Oh yeah i think these guys are ready to EXPLODE.

And as always here is a nice remix for you to enjoy.

The Scanners - Bombs(Young Americans Golden Hearted Rebel Rockers Mix).mp3


I have this strange magnetism towards songs that just have a cool 80's vibe about them or even a Motown/y feel & also stranger than ever artists from DENMARK. And one band that just happens to do it for me big time is JUNIOR SENIOR. these guy are truly underrated. not many can pull off the fun tunes and lyrics like em. And most of u will remember them from their VERY 1st EP, Don't stop the beat. Ive posted a video at the bottom just so u can refresh your memory. However my love grew even more for the JS guys when i downloaded their second LP which had very late release dates to their home turf, leading to what i believe to be an undershing of their talent. I reckon at least 2 of there tunes needs to be on your IPOD or else its incomplete. Especially this remix of Can I Get Get Get by GUNS'N'BOMBS.

Junior Senior - Can I get get get(guns'n'bombs).mp3


This ones been in my head since i found it whist surfing the net. Its actually a revamped version of an old skol track called work by Masters at Work. So have a listen, get addicted like i did & play it REAL LOUD!

Masters At Work - Work 2007 mix.mp3

Estasy Vid

Well I've been thinking this blog is a great way to get my music loves over to you my readers and I'm hoping that the audience will grow nicely over the next few months. So if your reading this, tell your friends. the more the merrier. had a strange experience today as i was typing my producer name ALUEDIUS into google. I found one of my remixes on YOUTUBE super freaky. Some guy made a vid to suit my remix to Cassie's Me & U. have a look.


Love today, love today!!!Its one of those lyrics, by Mika that just keeps returning to my thoughts randomly, its so freaking addictive and its a damn shame that I really don't enjoy the original.... Until now. my mate TYSON, found this banging REMIX by Switch... arh yeah he just knows his shit!!!

Have a listen.

Mika - Love Today(SwitchRMX).mp3


My favourite Rockers, New Young Pony Club are hitting the Land Down Under soon and i will be seeing them at Summafieldayze 2008. Its goin to be the best festival besides my Parklife experience. SO since i love em sooooo much i just wanted to share with you all the 2 pumping remixes off their latest EP Get Lucky. One by the guys MSTRKRFT & the other one by The Twelves.


NYPC - Get Lucky(MSTRKRFT RMX).mp3
NYPC - Get Lucky(The Twelves RMX).mp3


Yep, its official I'm getting addicted to my blog and a few songs too. Such as WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT by Robyn, well the remixes anyway. LOL. Thanks to the guys over @ TSR: The Sexy Result I'm enjoying both remixes they found. Steve Angello's Dub mix & Punks Jump Up mix. Its kinda a 2 way battle cause i believe both remixes aren't 100% lovable, however when listened to side by side I get my Robyn fix. Let me know if u find some more!!! Soon. Oh yeah and head to TSR for the mp3's. Just thought i might direct the traffic to those guys.

Just so you know, Robyn has a nice back catalogue too so get on her myspace and have a listen. check out the vid to her next single HANDLE ME. Love the head in the box.

miss Imogen Heap

Its a lazy raining sunday in bed with my laptop for me and what better way to complete it then with the sounds of Imogen Heap. Heck i love this chick. From the moment i heard her vocals in Frou Frou i knew there was no way i would forget her. HIDE & SEEK is probably one of the most well crafted vocoder laying EVER!!! I aspire to do some neat tricks like that in one of my productions in the near future. But until then i just want to remind you that her next album is due out in 2008 and im freaking, maybe more so begging for it to be pushed forward to January rather then April as sighted on Wikipedia. So to celebrate the SUNDAY & miss HEAP i have included the link to a bootleg remix of 'the moment i said it' which is very cool indeed. I had to hunt this one down and freakin am hooked.

imogen heap - the moment i said it(ben brown remix).mp3