Bloc Party: REMIX COMP

Well... well, one of my favourite bands of this year are running a comp for Australian peeps to remix THE PRAYER in exchange for them to spin the track and possibly get some limelight for record companies. I'm not too worried about winning, just getting TOP 5 would be grand... hehe

Whilst I get myself remixing thier track... If your an Ozzie get yourself into the comp too by heading to

Here's a good example of the road im taking with my remix... The Phones Remix

Bloc Party - The Prayer (Phones Metal Jackin' Mix)mp3

My 2nd Album

Hey all... I'm getting pretty excited at the moment... as i'm workin on my last original track for my long anticipated 2nd LP titled Traces of Me: the remixes! Here is a sample of Stay... this is goin be the bomb in the clubs LOL


Aluedius - StayDEMO.mp3