Alice In Wonderland

When searching on the net sometimes you find some of the most interesting creations. Just yesterday I stummbled over this one by POGO, an Alice in Wonderland mix. This guy is just amazing in his creations.

DL: Pogo - Alice


I have been given the request to talk about MGMT... who seem to be bigger than McDonalds at the moment. Personally I only like 3 of their tracks Time To Pretend my personal favourite, followed by Kids & Electric Feel . Maybe I need to listen to them more?

Anyway I have found a remix by DMoeFunk, from Portland, that is perfect for the club. Another merely of an older version of Kids & lastly James Rutledge's remix of their current single which pitch shifts the vocals a little higher. I like it.


DL: MGMT - Time To Pretend [DMoeFunk Club Mix]
DL: MGMT - Kids [After School Dance MegaMix from 03]
DL: MGMT - Electric Feel [James Rutledge RMX]

Artwork by Pavlunka

Ghosts of the Black kind

Right now on my ipod is The Black Ghosts self titled debut album effort, and I cant say that I love all the tracks but the ones that standout give me enough pull to keep listening. I definitely think they have so far released some of the best songs off the LP, and with a blend of 80's pop/rock vocals and indie/elektro beats I still recommend it to those who love Justice, Does it offend you yeah? & Grafton Primary. Essential listening tracks include Some Way Through This, Anyway You Choose To Give It, Repetition Kills You, I Want Nothing & Force.

Here is one to get you started....

The Black Ghosts - Force.mp3

Midweek Mini Mixtape:
...6 of the best

6 tracks I now handover to you that I discovered in the past few days that will make a nice little soundtrack to your day or night wherever you are.


1. teenagersintokyo - End It Tonight [mp3]
2. Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries [mp3]
3. Nista - Teenage Dreams [mp3]
4. The Rapture - No Sex For Ben [mp3]
5. Bliss n Eso - Eye Of The Storm [mp3]
6. The Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing [mp3]

Artwork by Ral-Stock

Mercury Mer Mer

You know this one is going to be HUGE, why? Because its freaking Bloc Party and with a crossover into the clubs too they are sure to get a huge fan bass running from all corners to get their hot little hands on this number. & that number is Mercury, the upbeat electro/rocking piece of goodness new single off the yet untitled 3rd LP from the guys which is still in talks about its release. That really doesn't matter at the moment tho. So get in now and upload it to your ipod. Cause this baby will explode!!

Bloc Party - Mercury.mp3

Artwork by LLJB.