Friday Flashback
...Chemical Boys/Girls

Back in the 90's just before the 00's The Chemical Brothers slapped this track on us. Hey Boy Hey Girl. Which became a huge #3 in the UK for 10 weeks. WOOyeah. With its addictive synth looping at the start to the guitar pounding in the chorus, HBHG is a classic that I will never forget. Even before I got hooked on the Dance genre I remember back when I was 11 getting hooked on the song. Strange I know. LOL. The filmclip is also great, with the girl growing up and still seeing skeletons her whole life, creepy. Fortunately for me, I get to see the Chemical Bros do a live set as I head to Future Music Festival at the Doomben Race Course 2moro. HECK YES!!! Will try and get some footage to post. Until then ROCK out to this classic!!!

Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl.mp3

Lindsay Lohan
...Once Upon a Time

...She actually had some decent tracks, all which were quite well marketed at the commercial market. Still, lyrically some of these tracks are freaking awesome. Especially on her 2nd LP A little more personal (Raw) in 2006, which didn't do aswell her debut Speak in 2004. Tho I believe most artists who break away from the pop market never do aswell as their previous efforts in sales. Just look at Hanson's last 2 albums, which im sure you've near heard. Anyway back to Lohan. Yes, she has had a few trips to rehab, but most of the great artists have these days, that's why there great. Just do me a favour, and have a listen to her 2 albums and take note of her vocal work and emotion that she pours into most of the tracks, esp on the 2nd LP. Standouts include, Over, Disconnected, Very Last Moment In Time, Confessions Of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father), Black Hole, I Live For the Day, If It's Alright, A Beautiful Life.

Lindsay Lohan - A Beautiful Life.mp3
Lindsay Lohan - Very Last Moment In Time.mp3
Lindsay Lohan - Confessions (Dave Aude RMX).mp3

...You know your famous when someone does a song about you.
Spank Rock - Lindsay Lohan.mp3

Oh yeah check out one of the snaps below of the recent photo shoot she did to recreate the last shoot Marilyn Monroe did before she died. Pretty Sexy!!

MOS: Clubbers Guide
...To 2008

I love it when the Ministry of Sound Annual CD comes out it means more great songs to hear and a load of banging tunes to get hooked on. Even more I love it when the Clubbers Guide comes out. The 2008 Australian Edition is here and jammed pack with some deep basslines and hard hitting kicks to keep you partying on for hours. After only a few minutes previewing the CD it's fair enough to say that I won't be listening to much more than this for at least the next month or maybe even more. So expect a few reviews of the track over the next coming weeks. For all those in Australia, get a copy now. For those abroad find it on the net NOW!!!

MOS: Clubbers Guide to 2008 is mixed by Sam La More (Who I have seen live a few times) & Hook N Sling. Both Uber COOL DJs from Ozzie Land.

Sundays @ Fluffy:
...Global Deejays & Rozalla

After another great night out in the valley on a Sunday @ Fluffy (the Family Nightclub, and another night of discovery. It seems that everytime I hit up fluffy I come out of it with a new tune or at least a remix to hunt down. This weeks remix being the classic Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) by Rozalla. Last year the guys of Global Deejays created a new take on the 1991 smash, giving it the club bang. By the time the bass fully kicks in I can't help but get the moves out. Seriously have a listen and you try. It kinda reminds me of the the Eric Prydz club hit Proper Education.

Global Deejays feat. Rozalla - Everybody's Free [General Electric Mix 07].mp3


Many thanks for you patience, my day job has been very damning of late and I haven't been able to post as much as I have wanted, So a big apology if you have returned many times to the same old material. BUT I'm back, still loaded by my day job, however I have a bit of time to blog about some of the tunes I have fond over the past week.

Just Recently I have stumbled across a Tommy Trash Remix of the Veronicas hit Hook Me Up. It's very catchy and short and sweet, so if your a pop hater it won't kill you forever. The Bassline is deep as it should be and of course the high synth is present. Let loose and get a hook up.

The Veronicas - Hook Me Up [Tommy Trash Rmx].mp3

...REMIXd Rihanna

This guy is making some pretty banging remixes and recently I was posting his remix of the Ashlee Simpson song Outta My Head. Now Barletta is taking on Rihanna's Don't Stop The Music. It's another well crafted mix for the club and clearly will be a crowd favourite with the chicks. Oh yeah we can't forget to give respect to MJ with his samples being used for most of the backing of the track.

Mondayitis Cure:
...D.i.M. & K.i.M.

Mix the 2 together and you a banging FISTOGRAM!!! Thats the track by K.I.M. that my mate tyson got me onto for the mondayitis cure. AND woah. Seriously I blame him now for my cravings to go out to the club and get this track played with much force. However I highly doubt that they won't refuse to play in at Monastery my local shrine/club/place.of.refuge yep I'm a MONO freak. But it has hosted some of the best DJs from round the globe. D.I.M. is playing there too... OMG goin to be as good as when MR.OiZO hit the decks. that was one night me and Tys will never forget.

Anyway back to this club banger. Fistogram is perfect. a lil tranced a lil dirty and full of punch.

K.I.M. - Fistogram [D.I.M. Rmx].mp3

BIG thanks to Data Sapiens for the track

Outta My Head

So it hasn't hit the Australia itunes yet. But it hasnt stopped me from gettin hooked on Ashlee Simpson's new track, Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) off her next LP Bittersweet World due out sometime in this 1st quarter of the year. The style is created obviously by mr. Music of the moment Timbaland. Yes its great he is helping every pop act get well bigger and noticed, but does he have to do freaking everything? Anyway if your up for a club number then hit up DJ Barletta's Remix. So damn hot and perfect for the night out for sure. I love how it starts to build up at the 1 minute mark! WOO yeah get crunk! A perfect reason why its the song on the Listening Station at the moment!!!

Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head [DJ Barletta Rmx].mp3

2 Hearts

Just finished my version of Kylie Minogue's 2 Hearts. Its a little dark and yeah its a lil glam rock. I think this could be my most challenging remix yet. But anyway I want you to hear it now. Head to my myspace to support me. aluedius

Kylie Minogue - 2 Hearts [Aluedius Rmx].mp3

Sunday Arvo Session
...Leave Them All Behind

This is probably one of the coolest Mix Cds out there when it comes to Indie/Dance crossover shit. Funny thing is, is that its nearly 1 year old but still sounds fresh. So I suggest you hunt this gem down. Modular sure knows what hot in music and certainly delivers here with the Bang Gang Deejays on the Decks. My standout tracks would have to be Skip To The End (Digitalism Re-Rub) by The Futureheads & Change Channel by Lo-Fi-FNK. Priceless.

Complete your Sunday Arvo now by at least listening to these 2 tracks taken right of the mix.

The Futureheads - Skip To The End [Digitalism Re-Rub].mp3

Lo-Fi-FNK - Change Channel.mp3

4000 & Counting

Hey guys/gals, well La MB is slowly changing, I've added a Listening Station over to the sidebar which gets me excited. So now you will be able to hear the track that I'm hooked on. The blog has hit over 4000 hits thats an extra 1000 and something since last month. WOOyeah! Keep your comments coming and support to the max. If you want to be added to the links or you want to see your material on my blog, then get in contact now.


New Remix

Well, here is my interpretation of the 1999 single, Bugaboo by the now disband Destiny's Child. This track was released when DC had 4 gals and Michelle wasn't even in the band. Who knows why i called my remix "the night remix" I didn't even make a day remix, but i did make another one. Might post it some other time. I think this remix, on the other hand has come together well. I tried to make it as hard hitting and dancable as possible. So let me know if you enjoy it.


Destiny's Child - Bugaboo [Aluedius Night Rmx].mp3