Where in the World have I been?

You might be asking yourself what is the future of La MB... Has it ended? No. Its simply in tranformation still and since i have a very demanding day job and most other times am working on music projects like my new LP I have had very little time to make posts. But I'm keen to get some out this weekend for all your ears to hear. I have some exciting tracks coming out, including a few remixes that I'm sure you will all enjoy. So hang in there and spread the word that La MB is about to take off once again to bring you the best from Australia, Canada, Europe & beyond!!!

Much Love


p.s. The page will look a lil crap till i get to fix it... All should be back up by the 17th of Sept.

...stealing back the Ozzies
from London

It might seem a little crazy to talk about IDOL, but one contestant who they happened to find in London has really captured my attention. That girl is Sophie Paterson an Acoustic singer and songwriter who left Australia sometime ago to make it in the UK. Now though much to her surprise she is being shipped home to participate in the '08 Australian Idol process to being crowned the peoples next best thing. Take a listen to her self written track I don't wanna know straight off her myspace page and if you like her then why not get behind this talented chick and VOTE for her to win because she fair from the usual suspects.

DL: Sophie Paterson - I Don't Wanna Know

Ra Ra Running to YOU

Those of you that follow my blog would know that I'm a fan of Australian music and I too am an artist myself know as Son of Vader. Just recently I tried my hand at remixing the Sydney band Amy Meredith's track Running, now it took a while to get out, however this one has been sitting on my hard drive for a while now. It's got nice breaks and a few cowbells so grab it now and tell your friends.

DL: Amy Meredith - Running [Son of Vader RMX]

Hatching Out a New Layout

So I have been a bit slack on the posts lately and well its for a pretty good reason, La Musique Bruit has gone under the knife and has come back with a new layout. It's not completely finished but its very close to it. I hope you like the new transition from black to white. The good news is that the little lamb hasn't completely gone, he is now over on the side bar and we may see another mascot joining him soon. In other news my own music is pushing even more forward and I will have exclusive content this week so stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

Much love.


Addicted to Sparro

I tried, I really did not to like Sam Sparro's Black & Gold but I just couldn't shake it and after a few weeks of envying the Australian talent I gave in and now I'm hooked on the single. It has that something special to it that just grabs your attention and also plays over and over in your head. I blame the intro, its very well done and I hope to work with Sam in the near future. It seems a lot are lining up to get in on the action and with the next single 21st Century Life just being release we are bound to see some big names in the music world pushing the remixes out.

Oh yeah and Sam if your reading this... Let's do a track together!!

DL: Sam Sparro - Black & Gold

Do You Hear The Bells?

...Yes it's the sound of the Howling Bells, an Aussie band now living it up in the UK, and cooking up a new LP as I type and you read. Now I'm a bit slow so you will have to forgive me because the song I'm about to post is almost 2 and half years old now. And that song is Setting Sun a masterpiece that could easily be slotted into a soundtrack to the next big flick. Fronted by the haunting vocals of Juanita Stein she will capture your mind and send it deep into the HB world making you fall in love with this track of indie/rock/pop goodness. I heard it on the radio yesterday and thought it was a new track... Not to worry for me and those who have never heard it before let's just pretend it new.

Oh for a bonus I have also put The Presets remix of another one of their tracks Low Happening, however the guys renamed it when giving it the work over to How Happening.


and one last thing...

Do yourself a favour get their current self-titled EP now, I promise that you wont be disappointed.

DL: Howling Bells - Setting Sun
DL: Howling Bells - How Happening [Presets RMX]

Mash it Bash it

In previous posts I have briefly touched on the subject of my upcoming LP under the name Son of Vader, and now it's time to reveal my 1st single off it. GASH! A track about those misfit celebs and their constant flash of well, their gash. I decided to team up with a good friend of mine, Lady Clam for the track and the chemistry is off the chart. Some would call it a rap track that pushes pop and electro goodness to all sides of the globe. Hope you all like it, and if you do make it viral. If you don't listen to it till you do!

DL: Son of Vader - Gash ft. Lady Clam [ZShare]

DL: Son of Vader - Gash ft. Lady Clam [Acapella]

On The Choo Choo

So while I was away I had a grueling time on the XPT train twice, here is story that followed...


As I sit here on the train to Sydney it gives me a chance to look at some older tracks i may have brushed off over the past 6 months (and attempt to make a super post for the ones i wont get to post whilst I'm on my holiday)... Its mid 2008 and already we have had some pretty big hits and artists emerging out of nowhere. I myself has just released my 1st single off my 2nd LP which is still yet untitled... And that song is GASH which features my very good friend and co-writer Lady Clam formally known as Shell Heaven Lee. The song took a lil over a month to make and is kinda free style rap over some heavy synth and as always some pitch shifting vocals that give it just that little bit more of a edge.

Okay the train has just stopped in Casino.... NO not at a casino the place Casino and I have Venue - Kate pumping in my ears. I wish I could make a phone call but NOPE no network coverage. So back to my itunes TOP 40 most played tracks... And guess what the number 1 track is? Its the Cinematic Orchestra by 7 plays... followed by the Presets - This Boy's In Love. I should give you the whole list just to show you how different my taste in music changes over time. One theme stays obvious though and that is most of it has a synthomelotic (my newly created word ;-p). Take a look.

okay after a long 10 hours on this train i have discovered an old favourite of mine, that is the Phones remix of The Bomb by the uber cool New Young Pony Club... And it was this song that kicked off most of my indie loving future ambitions. I was lucky enough to see NYPC when they came to Australia in January and was highly impressed with the show they put on.

So here is the track that changed me forever

DL: NYPC - The Bomb [Phones Edit]

Since then I guess The Tings Tings have kinda taken over the indie rocking scene, although i must say it a lil more of the pop flavour then the NYPC guys did it. SO i say bring back the Pony Club!!! Before i die on this train. Just kidding i should be okay.

Whoa I just found another club jam... Its begins with NYPC, yet again the pushes into DIM then Larry Tee ft. Princess Superstar the perfect blend of 3 tracks that made clubbing worth the go! You might have heard this one before BUT have you heard it like this??

DL: NYPC - Ice Cream + DIM - Airbus Baby + Larry Tee ft. Princess Superstar Lucky (Work it Out) [Herve Goes Low RMX]


Arhhh!!! I'm back on the train... Had to get up at 6am so I could check out of my hostel. I didnt want to leave at all. Had So much fun meeting people from all around the world and Shell who happened to take me out to some of the funest clubs in the Cross. So i made the train obviously despite the fact that I drunk my ass off last night to go out with bang, the local bar was packed to shitters, so i decided to leave at 11 something I cant remember the actaul time. Anyways back to my "fun" train ride from Sydney to Melbourne, its full of people over 45 and i seem to be the only 20something in 1st class, im begining to think it was a stupid idea to train in this section. Oh well its all free, the main thing is Im listen to Missy's GH catalogue, tacks that would probly make the peeps in this train go nuts haha. When is her new album coming out??

Damn well here is a classic of hers enjoy.

DL: Missy Elliott - Work It

And thats just a fraction of how i spent my boredom on the trains.

Alice In Wonderland

When searching on the net sometimes you find some of the most interesting creations. Just yesterday I stummbled over this one by POGO, an Alice in Wonderland mix. This guy is just amazing in his creations.

DL: Pogo - Alice


I have been given the request to talk about MGMT... who seem to be bigger than McDonalds at the moment. Personally I only like 3 of their tracks Time To Pretend my personal favourite, followed by Kids & Electric Feel . Maybe I need to listen to them more?

Anyway I have found a remix by DMoeFunk, from Portland, that is perfect for the club. Another merely of an older version of Kids & lastly James Rutledge's remix of their current single which pitch shifts the vocals a little higher. I like it.


DL: MGMT - Time To Pretend [DMoeFunk Club Mix]
DL: MGMT - Kids [After School Dance MegaMix from 03]
DL: MGMT - Electric Feel [James Rutledge RMX]

Artwork by Pavlunka

Ghosts of the Black kind

Right now on my ipod is The Black Ghosts self titled debut album effort, and I cant say that I love all the tracks but the ones that standout give me enough pull to keep listening. I definitely think they have so far released some of the best songs off the LP, and with a blend of 80's pop/rock vocals and indie/elektro beats I still recommend it to those who love Justice, Does it offend you yeah? & Grafton Primary. Essential listening tracks include Some Way Through This, Anyway You Choose To Give It, Repetition Kills You, I Want Nothing & Force.

Here is one to get you started....

The Black Ghosts - Force.mp3

Midweek Mini Mixtape:
...6 of the best

6 tracks I now handover to you that I discovered in the past few days that will make a nice little soundtrack to your day or night wherever you are.


1. teenagersintokyo - End It Tonight [mp3]
2. Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries [mp3]
3. Nista - Teenage Dreams [mp3]
4. The Rapture - No Sex For Ben [mp3]
5. Bliss n Eso - Eye Of The Storm [mp3]
6. The Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing [mp3]

Artwork by Ral-Stock