Yelle if you want more!

Check out my favourite french babe....

here is a vid remix of one of her sweet ass tunes. Oh yeah and dont forget to check her our on myspace. Big thanks to Tyson who introduced me to her.

Oh yeah here is the MP3 to the song
Yelle - ACDG (TEPR REMIX)mp3


I'm loving all the great remixes out at the moment... It gives us all a chance to hold on to our tracks we love so dearly to let go of, for the new material that just keeps getting smashed into our faces. Have a listen to this one.

My Bloc Party brothers & Sebastian have got real great chemistry.

Bloc Party - I still remember(sebastianREMIX)

Bjork gets a Spanking

In my recent surfing explorations i came across this remix by Spank Rock! Now this would have to be the most addictive Bjork Remix since the Bleepy one of her innocence song. SO to celebrate I'm dropping the download link down here for all you thirsty fans (a big thanks to Palm Out Sounds). I will upload the other 2 innocence remixes at a later date... Until then like always.
........ ENJOY

Earth - Intruders - Spank Rock Remix

When all things become a song...

Well, its true, there comes a point in your life when almost every song on your IPOD reminds you of a time, a memory which you hold on to collectively by that one song or maybe its the whole damn playlist. You either love it, or skip it. And that's how it goes... For example I have a playlist devoted to songs that were or could have been on Dawson's Creek and i know it songs corny, but i do... these songs remind me of my growing up days (I mean i still am now) but they truly dig deep into those memories. So today I'm goin to post a collection of songs from my ALL time Fav. Tunes playlist. These are tracks dear to me that make me feel.


1. You're all i have - Snow Patrol
2. Treat me good - Bachelor Girl
3. Be with you - Enrique Iglesias
4. Try Again - Aaliyah
5. Meant to live - Switchfoot
6. Only Hope - Switchfoot
7. High - Lighthouse Family
8. Proud - Heather Small
9. Here with me - Dido
10. Thankyou - Alanis Morissette
11. Hands - Jewel
12. I'm with you - Avril Lavigne
13. I don't wanna wait - Paula Cole
14. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
15. Thriller - Michael Jackson

these are just a few but when you listen to them.... think of me

Midnight Juggers

So you know the Juggernauts are in my Top 5 at the moment, it's so catchy and makes you just want to fly away!!!
Midnight Juggernauts - Into the GalaxyMP3

Finalist & Top 5

So... I made finalist (top 8, in no particular order, lol) in the Bloc Party Comp... HELL YEAH!! the track has had over 500 plays and is still getting some hype on the site now that im in the dance charts for this week, help me get higher by listenin to it on the Triple J unearthed site.... Even better still, REQUESt it on Triple J (if you live in Australia)... will love you for eternity.

In other news... stil workin on my 2nd LP have decided to work extra had to make more original material than just remixs as first planned... will keep you posted.

AND lastly just wanted to share some of the tracks that are on repeat on the IPOD at the moment. In no particular order...

1. Bat for Lashes - What's a girl to do?
2. Midnight Juggernauts - Into the galaxy
3. The Sounds - Tony the beat
4. Yeah yeah yeahs - Down boy
5. Bjork - Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco Remix 12")

Here's the video for Bat for Lashes