Barletta Vs.
...Bryan Cox

He's done again, my good friend Dj Barletta has smashed out another great remix. This time he has taken on the great Bryan Cox track Let's Go To Work. I can already picture myself dancing to this track in my favourite club Monastery. I would have to say that all of Dj Barletta's song are masterpieces just waiting to explode on the international scale. So tell your friends!!! Play it loud... AND get the dance on!


Bryan Cox - Let's Go To Work [Dj Barletta Bump Edit RMX].mp3

Sunday Arvo Session:

Yep... It's true, I'm addicted to Ladytron... I blame all the other blogs that are talking about them Oh yeah and the fact that they are a F-ing great band too. The hype and build up to their forthcoming LP, is killing me. Now with the release of Black Cat, I think I might just wet my pants. Can they just pull the date forward. June is too far away!!! Which is why I have been busting my back looking for remixes to keep me goin till then. So I have found 3 that have my attention at the moment. My favourite being the Soulwax Remix of Seventeen, you'll find it also on the sidebar Listening Station to the right, that's if your reading this blog in the last week of March & the 1st week of April. SO get addicted to Ladytron!!!

Ladytron - Seventeen [Soulwax RMX].mp3
Ladytron - International Dateline [Simian Mobile Disco RMX].mp3
Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch [Hot Chip RMX].mp3

...Ctrl Alt Del

Well I thought I would give a little introduction into the band Ctrl Alt Del, which Mic Doney is apart of... & who recently sent an email my way regarding his Veronicas RMX, (see previous post). C.A.D are like Rogue Traders in many ways, there are 3 guys & 1 girl, they come from aussie shores, have dance/pop/rock tunes, yet without all the commercial strings. But if you have a few listens you will get my drift. Still I like them, I see a market for them and I believe in them... OR else i wouldnt be blogging about em. I really like Take Me Away where the guy vocals kick the track off. Sharing the vocal job is what makes them special. Head to their myspace page now.

Ctrl Alt Del - Take Me Away.mp3

Ctrl Alt Del - Got To Move.mp3


This is 2nd Remix I am posting regarding the song Hook Me Up by The Veronicas. Now this one came to my attention after Michael Doney of band CTRL ALT DEL sent it my way. The remix builds on the original, adding more dance & electro elements to make it last longer and give it more life on the dance floor.


The Veronicas - Hook Me Up [Michael Doney CTRL ALT DEL RMX].mp3

Remix Phokus
...COCOTAXI Vs. Yelle

It's really great to see my blog growing, and lately I have been getting emails from you guys to put your material here. I'm more than happy to, considering that COCOTAXI have remixed my gal Yelle!!! The guys from Sweden, have also taken on Cassidy & Three 6 Mafi. So head to their myspace where you can grab more remixes by them. I'm diggin their sound and hope to hear some original banging tracks by them VERY soon.

Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir [CocoTaxi RMX].mp3

Cut, Copy & Taste

Yep, i have just been listening to Cut/Copy's new LP, In Ghost Colours which came out a few days ago. AND I think I may just like it. The IGC journey is much like a happy little trip to a place of jumping bunnies & fluffy clouds. It really is an album to put on when your feeling sad or blue. SO chuck it on when you've had a big night/weekend and you need a pick me up for a background tune. Obviously the standouts for me are Hearts On Fire (the 1st single) & So Haunted. But after a few listens it feels as if the CD is one giant track. Like I said it really is a journey of an album not to be missed. Grab a copy now from itunes, which in the AUST store is selling for 10.99$ (bargain!!!) or get off the net & go get one from your local CD man.

It's A WAR!!!!!

Dukes of Windsor are set to release a new track which is on high rotation on Triple J at the moment... & frankly I'm getting really excited about it. It's A War is everything i love about Australian music, raw, loud & full of chants...
Don't forget to support the guys and buy the single & LP when they come out!!!! Also checkout their Myspace for an exclusive free remix of one of their tracks, Pretty Girls.

NOW bring on the Remixes.... OH yeah and if DOW read these... I'll do one.

Dukes of Windsor - It's a War.mp3 [BUY]

REMIX Phokus
...LOTO:Golden Boys

I while back I contacted a band on myspace, LOTO asking them if I could do a remix after they contacted me for a friend request... Now a few months on I have done 2, 1 being Back To Discos & the other my lastest being Golden Boys. Its a bit off center, with heavy basslines (as usual) & some fun dance parts. So crank it up and ENJOY.

P.S. Work continues on my 2nd LP, yet I plan to blog release the 2nd single off it called B4 the Life of Now.... So keep and eye out for it!!!

Loto - Golden Boys [Aluedius RMX].mp3

This Boy's In Love

Yep... In love with all things by the masterminds of THE PRESETS. I can't help but keep lovin' the new material that these guys are flooding to my ears. First with All My People, & now with This Boy's In Love. I think I might die!!! NO seriously, come on they are part of the hand full of the best things to coming out of Australia right now. That's right my brothers practically. LOL!! Looking forward to their 2nd LP Apocalypso dropping April 12...

To hear the track head to their myspace page.... As i had to remove the link to the mp3 as ordered my MODULAR... sorry guys & sorry Modular... lets support the presets by buying the album when it hits ours shelves.

REMIX Phokus
...With Every Heartbeat

Every time I listen to this remix I tend to escape to another planet... I feel as though im floating off with the stars... And by the middle of the track im usually lip syncing (on the bus) haha... Robyn's voice is great for dance numbers... The Tong & Spoon Wonderland remix is one that just promotes this track to greater hightes. Thanks to the Ministry of Sound Clubbers Guide to 2008 for pushing this track.

Robyn - With Every Heartbeat [Tong & Spoon Wonderland RMX].Mp3

Dj Barletta

He has brought us some pretty pumping Remixes lately... so now it's time for DJ Barletta to release some of his original stuff... Making a nice entry with Diskoteq. This track is so F-ing good that i have had it on repeat for the last 5 times and made it my Myspace profile song.... AM i MAD??? Maybe...


Dj Barletta - Diskoteq.mp3

...100th Post

ARHHHHHHH!!! I've lasted 100 posts and have just clocked over 8000 HITS. This is insane! Thank you all for your support. So to celebrate here is a classic song I NEVER get sick of hearing, Hustler!!! YEP its a remix version tho. Mr A-Trak takes on Simian Mobile Disco for a nice lil dance number. HELL YEAH, celebrate, get loose, and get Krunk cause i'm still standing and will continue to bring you the best in music........

Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler [A-Track RMX].mp3

...@ the Monastery

ARHHHHHH!!!! That's how good D.I.M. was at the Monastery last night!! It was a moment of pure electro bliss... Just watching him work the dials and choose the songs that would make us "the mono rats" jump/krump/pump away was out of this world. The energy levels were sky high and the walls were shaking with the sounds of all the best mixes DIM has done so far. From the Fancy Footwork remix, Airbus & the more mellow, yet heavy My Moon My Man remix it all came together to bring the best set I have ever experienced in a club. Could i be a slave to the music of DIM??? Quite possibly... Reminds me of a zombie in the Thiller video.

D.I.M. - Is You.mp3
The Presets - My People [D.I.M. RMX].mp3


It's not everyday that you come across an artist that emails you asking to be talked about on your blog, only to find that they are actually really flippin good. & thats what I found last week with Fabian. He is a 20 something guy from Melbourne, Australia and has the talent to be called the little brother of Justice. Seriously Fabian should be a name you know already, so learn it, enjoy it and play it LOUDER than ever before. The synth guitars will get you pumped up and Krumping like its Hot for hours. Give Fabian a shoutout too on his myspace and tell him what you think. Cause this is one artist who is already goin places...

P.S. When you head over to his Myspace page be sure to check out the comp of Remixing his song POW POW POW!!!

Fabian - Thirty Six.mp3
Fabian - Pow Pow Pow.mp3
Fabian - The Game.mp3
Fabian - The Prayer.mp3

Egotronic - Lustrinzip [Fabian RMX].mp3

RE: LiLo
...Pase Rock

Just a quick... rehash on Lindsay Lohan... Yep there is another track bout the misfit Rang-hur (GINGER TOP)!! & It's from the rapping team from NYC Pase Rock, who bust out with Lindsay Lohan's Revenge. It's a pretty cool number and a nice way to get a intro into the band, (even tho this track has been around for a while) who also collab with none other than La MB fav gal Amanda Blank.

Thanks Tys for finding this song for me.


Pase Rock - Lindsay Lohan's Revenge.mp3