SMD: Secret Mother-fing Disco

That's my new name for the Simian Mobile Disco guys from London, cause i don't believe these guys are noticed as much as they should be. i know they are big YES. but not big enough. there talent is huge and i made sure that i got the Bonus disc with their LP Attack Decay Sustain Release. So to celebrate the release of the Hustler EP I thought i would track down the previous EP's remix of I believe by Switch. ARH yes we love him too.

SO get your ears on and disco robot shoes too cause is time to let the SECRET MOTHER-FING DISCO loooooooose.


Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe(Switch RMX).mp3

Trashing UP

Long time no write. Never fear i am back.
This time tho Im bloggin a request from a SUPER group i found on myspace. !TRASH YOURSELF is the name. ANd Dirty is the Game! Im lovin it. this guys asked me to post some of there stuff here so here it is. Its FUN. MOSH. PHAT. & PURE ELECTRO GRINDIN.


Trash Yourself and The Toxic Avenger - Song 2.mp3

Trash Yourself - Touch.mp3