TPC: In an Elephant Shell

Maybe I'm slow, but i have just discovered how great Tokyo Police Club are. I must be stupid. It's great too that they come from Canada. Love it. With their garage sounds you cant go wrong, its raw overload and I'm goin to be in love forever. They just released their LP Elephant Shell and if your into the Indie Rock sound this is for sure the CD for you. At the moment I'm really digging the RAC remix of Be Good check it out now.

Tokyo Police Club - Be Good [RAC RMX].mp3

REMIX Phokus
...Utah Saints:SG

Its been on blogs for a while now... So I thought it would be my turn to talk about the recycled track by the Utah Saints, Something Good 08 . Why is it so good? Because A. "It stands out with its 90's classic sounds of the piano & vocals" & B. "Van She Tech & Bart B More have worked their magic to give us 2 freaking awesome remixs of it." For more remixes head to TheSexyResults spill on UT SG review.

Oh yeah and the film clip is NUTs, you won't forget it anytime soon. Or you will most likely be telling someone about it after you see it. Check it out.

Utah Saints - Something Good [Van She Tech RMX].mp3
Utah Saints - Something Good [Bart B More RMX].mp3

Could this be Bad...?
MJ is slowly coming back!!

I don't know about you but I'm getting over excited about all the Michael Jackson tunes floating back, HATE the Beat It (Fall Out Boy & John Mayer attemping a) cover tho!!! Which makes me think that MR. MJ will be returning with a new album sometimes this year. It will be make or break for sure. So while we wait for the explosions of the new tunes... let's get down and dirty with the Mowgli remix of BAD. SHIT! this remix is so good. If you know of any other great remixes of MJ songs, be sure to pass em on.


Michael Jackson - Bad [Mowgli is Bad RMX].mp3

p.s. thanks to palm out sounds for the MP3


Another French guy on the Boys Noize Label, Brodinski who is cooking up some mighty fine RMXs mostly collabs with others from the same genre as himself. Club/Afro-beat/Disco House is what he describes his style as, and I don't doubt it at all, with banging Kick drums and super synths... This is one artists to lock into the playlist for a pre-night out soundtrack. And if you ever just want a full set down by BDS then head to his blog SmokeMashine for downloadable podcasts which wont disappoint.

Brodinski - Bad Runner [Crookers RMX].mp3
Brodinski - Bad Runner [Radioclit Techno Jihad RMX].mp3
Adam Sky - Ape-X [Brodinski RMX].mp3
The Shoes - America [Brodinski RMX].mp3

REMIX Phokus
...CC:Courtship Dating

Since getting Crystal Castles self titled debut LP I have pretty much just gone crazy for the band snapping up all things relating to them and consuming all forms of medium attached with their name. Which brought this remix to my attention by J-La, a DJ from NYC, Brooklyn who is banging out some heavy remixes of late. A hard kick, plently of synths and bleeps and a constant bassline = HOT REMIX!!

Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating [J-La Bootleg].mp3

Mr. French F.F.

fredze fred is choppin up beats and giving my ears a workout (or should I say thrashing) of late. Just who is he? Well he is a little Filthy French man making some of the best Psychedelic /Club tunes around that will make you bleed till you can't dance no more. It reminds me of SebastiAn for some reason, maybe all the breaks??? So get over to his myspace and check the remix library he has got going for himself!!! Last Yr he pumped out a remix for another French act SaraZvati. Get your ears ready...

SaraZvati - Shall We Enter [Fredze Fred RMX]unmastered.mp3

Indie From Down Under
...Cassette Kids

Once again another HOT aussie band has found its way to my ears! WHO are they? Well they are the Cassette Kids, from Sydney. A good looking 4some who bring all the best in indie rock to our ears. & For all those who live in Australia, you are in for a treat when they support the Presets in their tour this June. WOOO. Thats mean i will be seein the kids on the 14th.

CK bursted onto the scene when they scored the winning position to preform at Big Dat Out and have toured every nook and cranny since then. So they should be set to release a nice Phat LP real soon. To keep you on the same bang wagon, check out Acrobat below.

Cassette Kids - Acrobat.mp3

Sam @ MONO

One of my favourite Djs is playing @ MONO again. It's the talented Sam La More, who has kicked out some pretty mean remixes of late, most memorable are the 2 tracks off Pnau's lastest CD. Using bleeps & synths to get the crowd goin Sam is definitely a crowd pleaser and I suggest you get your ass their if you a big fan. It's also my 21st party that night, SO i may just be around. I'm having it at Birdee Num Nums from 8.30pm mainly cause its cheaper to drink there and it suits a broader audience. But im not sure if i can survive a whole night without a bit of electro...

Pnua - Baby [Sam La More RMX].mp3

Just Drill Drill & Mash

It's happened again, when i ventured out to Fluffy on Sunday I heard a freaking awesome remix of Fergie's London Bridge. However when i got on the net to search for it, I discovered it was not a remix but a mashUP. WOOO. haha. SO anyway its a mash of London Bridge & The Drill. The funny thing is the file says its a remix, but its clearly a mash. So I have included the original track below so you could do the comparison. In a nut shell it's a damn hard mash & great sound to dance to if you'd ask me. Let me know what do you think??

Fergie - London Bridge [Drill Mash].mp3
The Drill - The Drill.mp3

Foals: >> Electric Bloom

Im pretty disapointed that the Foals are running a Remix Comp only open to UK residents for their song Electric Bloom. I think I might cry.... NAH... NEVERmind, I still got the acapella so im working on a remix of mine own anyway. In my search i found some remixes that might win the comp tho. They have been passed around the blogging world a bit so far but here they are anyway. Both of this 2 tracks would be easily slotted into a clubbing playlist somewhere.

Foals - Electric Bloom.mp3

Foals - Electric Bloom [Ben Bakewell RMX].mp3
Foals - Electric Bloom [Grayskulls RMX].mp3

Mondayitis Cure:
...Goldfrappen Happiness

Last weekend was insane, Electrik Kiss was off the hook, will post some crazy pics this week... BUT...Now its time to get back to reality, I found the best song to put me back on the straight and narrow. It's the Metronomy remix of Goldfrapp's next single Happiness, (available April 14) which features the Teenagers putting in their ten cents worth on duet kinda vocals. Now I know some of you already have this remix cause its on high rotation around the blog world, so I thought it would be my turn. WHY? cause its a damn cool remix/song for Mondayitis Cure too. So get out the asprin and let your mind escape with HAPPINESS!!!

Goldfrapp - Happiness [Metronomy RMX feat. The Teenagers].mp3

Kate M0$$ is F-ing H0t!!

Just got this email from Venue, a 3 piece band from California who have a sound that really sticks. With an 80's sounding influence and co-ed vocals I could see myself falling deeep deep in love with this band. Nothing excites me more than a band with a chick, or a girl band with a guy. Just looks cool. My brothers band has a chick drummer and it gives them that little bit more of an edge. Anyway back to Venue, who sent me their lastest offering Kate, which screams the lyrics 'Kate M0$$ is fuckin' HOt!!' haha nice work guys. Its a very electric track that will get your head banging and your boots tripping. Also they sent me a nice remix to compliment the track. Have a listen & Tell me what u think...

Venue - Kate.mp3
Venue - Kate [Pairie Cartel's Hate Kate 88 Mix].mp3

...The B-Day Bash

Its the party that I'm freaking wetting my pants for. Seriously I can't wait to hit it up and get loose with my fellow Valley whores this Saturday Nite @ Basmement 388 in the Valley, Brisbane! None other than Ajax is headlining... A damn good DJ. sooooo, If you into Electro goodness, phat basslines. YOU SHOULD COME.

see ya there.


Remix Phokus
...This Boys In Love

This Boys In Love is one song I've probably played too much on my ipod & itunes over the past few weeks. & Guess what? Im about to play it OVERTIME... Thanks to the recent findings of the remix by LifeLike. The LifeLike remix is a floater of a track, sending us into space. It looks like The Presets are goin to OWN 2008.

The Presets - This Boys In Love [LifeLike RMX].mp3

Collectors Edition:
...Bonus Tracks

Without a doubt Tiga is a man I just can't get enough of... & it occured to me that there are some really great Remixes on the Collectors Edition of Sexor that just can't be passed. So here i am sharing them with you. NOT all of them, just some of them. So if you want the rest... GO hunt this CD down NOW!!! Oh yeah, head to his Myspace page too, as he just uploaded 2 tracks for your ears, 1 being an unreleased goodie of the song Brothers in its Instrumental form!!!