Mondayitis Cure:
...D.i.M. & K.i.M.

Mix the 2 together and you a banging FISTOGRAM!!! Thats the track by K.I.M. that my mate tyson got me onto for the mondayitis cure. AND woah. Seriously I blame him now for my cravings to go out to the club and get this track played with much force. However I highly doubt that they won't refuse to play in at Monastery my local shrine/club/place.of.refuge yep I'm a MONO freak. But it has hosted some of the best DJs from round the globe. D.I.M. is playing there too... OMG goin to be as good as when MR.OiZO hit the decks. that was one night me and Tys will never forget.

Anyway back to this club banger. Fistogram is perfect. a lil tranced a lil dirty and full of punch.

K.I.M. - Fistogram [D.I.M. Rmx].mp3

BIG thanks to Data Sapiens for the track


djbarletta said...

haha im glad you like it dude!!!WHile outttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!